Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello stranger

It feels awesome to be someone that people do not know of..
Be a stranger for once...
Be someone, who people likes but yet some is scared of..
Be a "celebrity" for once,
Now i know how does it feel to have camera flashing in front of your face
Now I know how it feels to take pictures with strangers..
It feels good..
It feels great...
Especially when you see the same person as when you put on that "mask",
They do not recognize you.
Especially when you see smiles on their faces...
That brings a whole lot more smiles to my face.



Friday, July 16, 2010

A Note

First sight through MMS and I already fell in love

Took you home and that's where I developed my affection for you.

Every being has their first, and this was yours & your favourite

The first picture with me looking messy just like you

Yet you were so stylishly scruffy at times ^^

Always courageous and brave.

However, your mischievousness gets you into trouble
and then...

You show your trademark - sad puppy dog face which works for me all the time.

I used to find it annoying at times but now,
I miss it when you come to me with you watery eyes, asking for food and for me to play with you

You're a very greedy dog, do you know that? ;)
Always after you eat, never fail...

You sleep.

Lazying around, you do best.

You even ignore me and continue with your sleep! >.<

At times, I can't even play with you..

At times, I have to literally carry you in my arms...

 and cuddle you while you sleep.
I like it though. =)

I miss the way you sleep.

I miss the times you would entertain me and play with me.

Dear Oscar,
I'm sorry for ignoring you sometimes.
I'm sorry for scolding you and hitting you though i know it hurts me doing so.
I'm sorry for not doing my responsibility.
I have not seen you for one year now.
I miss the fun times i spent with you.
You are one Shih Tzu that is definitely different from the others.
I wonder how you're doing? But i'm sure you're in perfect hands.
I'd go visit you if I have the time.
I still love you very much.
Just hope that you still remember me.

I miss you, Oscar.

The Feeling That Was Lost

Life itself is like a cocoon.
It takes you a lot of "push" in life till you get beautiful results,
Problem is it all still comes to an end one day.

Just today, i heard of a sad news of which one of a guy from my high school passes away and he is only 20 years old. I probably seen him before but, however i don't remember him though. RIP to him as I know that he is a great guy through his friends testimonials. Anyways, though i did not know him, yet when i received the news, i felt shocked, stunned, and my heart felt heavy. This feeling, "Is familiar" i said to myself. I felt this way before. It hit me that it is the exact feeling and emotions that i felt 2 1/2 years back in 2007. It is the feeling of losing someone you know and probably, very close to you.

Do you feel what I feel?

I had not felt this way for a very long time since the day Sarah and Jin prayed for me. but receiving such sudden news and all the scenarios - the FB comments on the deceased page, the FB page and event set up for him. Somehow relates to what i had gone through. It reminded me of that nostalgic feeling again. It is definitely NOT a feel good thing. Even though as friends only, it affects much, especially if it is your dearest friend that you share your inside out or even your undies with.

I'd tell you how much I need you, yet, I just hope that you hear me now.

Yes, it is hard to accept at first and the day of the unfortunate incident is definitely going to remind of what has happened and is considered "the day not to be talked about". Maybe i was just ignoring that feeling and holding back myself to not think about it. That feeling is unexplainable, it is easier to feel than to define, easier to understand than to recognize that emotion. Being caught up in life's circle, you sometimes tend to forget it. However, as the years go by, no doubt it will be reminded subconsciously from time to time. As the years go by, no doubt it will be reminded subconsciously from time to time.

It is a good feeling for me as it reminds of You.

You will take time to think back of the smiles you shared,
The sorrows you cried over,
The stupidity you laughed through, 
The hard-work you sowed together,
One of the greatest person in your life that you once had.
Why is it that we do not think of all these before, but,
we only start to acknowledge them when they are, not here anymore.


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