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3rd Anniversary at The Chateau, Bukit Tinggi

If you have been following my updates on Instagram, you would've known that in August my boyfie gave me a surprise for our 3rd year anniversary. I would say it was a payback for all the surprises that I have been giving him for the past 3 years. Well, he was really secretive about it and he told me to "pack lightweight clothes", "pack swimwear" and so I was putting the pieces together.. BEACH! So yeah, you can say that I got conned. He picked me from my place and I was told to be blindfolded throughout the journey. So blindfold it is! We 'arrived' at our destination within the half an hour. No. It was Dim Sum breakfast in Sungai Buloh first. So, then only after that is the REAL journey. Since I was blindfolded, I slept throughout the journey. The initial thought that the destination was the beach was out the window because, 1. The road was curvy and windy. 2. The boyfie had to wind down the window as there were 2 checkpoints going up the hill for visitors, and I heard the sound of the jungle. So, my next hint was either Frasers Hill or Camerons. Haha.

We stopped at the parking for visitors of the Bukit Tinggi French Village. I thought, "okay, we're staying here". Then he told me, "This is not the final destination. Its just a stop." >.<

View from the tower.

People said he look like he was wearing a songkok here. XD

The air there is not as cold as it was before and it was really hot on that day. We had our lunch there in one of their food outlets. I would say it was a decent meal but as usual it's expensive as it is a tourist spot. We spent about 1 hour plus there because he was actually buying time as it wasn't check in time yet! You can't deceive me boy! :p

So after it was time, we went back into the car and I had to be blindfolded again. I was expecting some other hotels around Bukit Tinggi but I couldn't figure out where or what. It took around less than 3 minutes to arrive our destination. I was surprised myself. Haha. When I took out my blindfold, I was confused. because all I saw were green creepy-crawly plants that made up a fence wall and behind it was a brown, short, castle-like  tower. I looked to the left, right and to the back but I still didn't have any idea where was I. I looked at him. "Welcome to The Chateau!". I was speechless sort of because I didn't know what to say and I was surprised that he decided to spend our anniversary there. There aren't much pictures of the place because we just want to enjoy our trip there! So here is all there is for me to share with you! :)

Okay, just some basic knowledge about the resort. It was modelled after an 18th century medieval castle in Alsace, FranceThe Chateau is a Spa & Organic Wellness Resort owned by Berjaya Resorts. they claim, not only the food but even the linen and towels are organic, even their body products! However though, they have a selection of either organic or non-organic food in their restaurants to cater to their guests' liking. They are the world's first organic wellness spa resort and aims to provide their guests with well-being enrichment. Upon arrival, the concierge walked up to our car and welcomed us. The whole concept being French, the staffs there address the guests as Monsieur and Madame.

Le concierge area

Waiting area just behind the concierge table.

The walkway that leads to the disabled elevator just behind the concierge area.

Upon arrival, conventionally, guests would either check in at the reception area or wait at the lobby area for check in. In The Chateau, you are instead, treated like a VIP. They do not discriminate age or looks as they treat all equally. I do believe everyone is treated as a VIP there. We were asked to take a seat in the VIP lounge while we waited for our room to be ready. The VIP lounge was comfortable and clean. Guests are served with drinks and a cold towel to freshen up as they are waiting for their rooms.

Entrance to the main building.

VIP lounge.

Inside the VIP lounge.


Drinks and Towels served upon arrival of guests.

Monsieur Phang filling out the check-in form.

Reception area, I think they are there only for guests who are going to check out and inquiry as upon arrival, you will be escorted into the VIP lounge where your check-in form will be brought to you. Le Rouge is one of the places in the resort to chill. it is a lounge which has both organic and non-organic selection of wine. The interior has a classy and sophisticated design to it. I would sit in the lounge and relax there but we only stayed there for 2 days 1 night as we had class the next day instead we opt for the spa instead. No Regrets! The spa - La Santé Organic Wellness Spa, was so relaxing and the masseuse were professionals. She knew where were the spots that needed extra attention and tended to it. The are several types of spa, massages and treatments for various purposes, if you do not know what to pick (we were lost ourselves), don't worry, they will guide you. They were kind enough to fit us in for a massage despite being told that they were occupied for the evening. *Yay!* I didn't took pictures of the Spa because we didn't bring our devices, so I shall let you future guests to experience it yourselves. 

 After the check-in procedure was done, the receptionist escorted us to our room. The boyfie booked a Deluxe room for us online. Make sure you have made a reservation or else they would not let you into the resort because it is a private resort and only for their guests. The book that you see on the bottom-left of the second picture below, is your "The Chateau" bible. Literally everything that you need to know about the resort from the spa packages to the restaurants in the resort to the menu, basically all you need to know about the resort is all in there and if you are unsure of something, just call the reception. The room was very clean and cosy. The bed was firm and the pillows... oh the pillows were heaven. Your head sinks into the pillow like its made out of cotton candy cloud.

What a warm welcome from The Chateau

The bed was so comfy, you just sink into the pillow. :3

With Compliments!

The view of our room! :D

Toilet - Shower area

Toiletries for the guests' convenience

These are the soap, shampoo and lotion for the room toilet and are also carried throughout the resort. The Voya seaweed products are really good especially their body lotion. It just seeps right into my skin and no traces of oiliness It is not sold in retail stores but only at certain resorts and in Europe if I am not mistaken. For that exclusivity and quality, it comes with a price. ;) I checked out their products at La Santé and the price range in MYR is in between RM80 - 320. I really loved their products but I am not willing to spend that amount of money just yet, but if you are interested you can check out their website at Voya for more information.

After our spa, we went to change for dinner. We went to their fine dining restaurant L'Assiette. The price range is in between RM88 - 300. It's fine dining after all, but for the two individual plate of food that we ordered, it comes with complimentary appetisers which by the end of the meal, we were full despite the main course to be in small portions. Their food may seem fairly simple but the taste was just... delicious. The 
Sole Meunière was de-boned in front of us; fish was fresh and seasoned with salt and pepper just right for the taste buds. The Duck Breast was yums! It came with some fats in between the skin and the meat. I don't eat the fats and the skin on normal days but I nom-ed the whole thing there because the skin was smoked, lightly crisp but overall the meat was juicy and cooked medium-well. After dinner, we walked around a little around their dimly-romantic-lit resort  and retired to the room.

With compliments! 

With compliments!

The boyfie's Sole Meunière

This was my Duck Breast Jean Dela-something (I'm sorry!).

Pianist to entertain the diners but when he stopped playing, it was too quiet that you could hear the leaves bristling outside. Yes, it is that quiet.

Chocolates - With compliments!

We sat on the golden sofa. It was so extravagant, we felt like the king and queen. XD

Next morning, we woke up for breakfast at Belle Vue. I believe it isn't buffet breakfast although there is a buffet-like spread on the left side of the room as you enter. Their menu is simple and familiar but what I like about it is that it is listed and categorised under different type of breakfast food that you would normally see on a buffet spread. Do note that this "buffet" spread does not require you to go grab your food for yourself. Instead the waiters serve you instead with what you have selected from the menu. Like the dinner the night before, although they come in small quantities but it fills the tummy without you even realising it. Oh, and their eggs were so fluffy (I'm gonna die!!!). By far the best scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes that I have tasted.

Le buffet spread

Interior of Belle Vue - I love the royal purple on the couches!

Interior of Belle Vue

Condiments: Jars of Marmalade, Strawberry and Honey.

My Kiwi juice and Coffee.

Different types of cheese and butter.

Smoked Salmon *OMG*.

Plain yoghurt with berries

My selection of bread and pastry.

His selection of pastry.

Mine: Omelette with sautéed mushrooms and roasted potatoes.

His: Scrambled eggs on toast with sautéed mushrooms and roasted potatoes.

I had the crepe while...

He had the waffles.

A complete meal! Felt so contented after that. ^^

After that wholesome meal, it was swimming time! The pool amidst the lush forest on a hilltop, what can one ask for more than that? There are ample of sofas and deck chairs around for the guests to relax. The pool water, which I found out recently is a salt pool but to our surprise there was no taste of salt. Neither does it have the taste nor smell of chlorine and your eyes doesn't feel painful when you open your eyes underwater. The water was cooling and fresh! It was cold but I didn't want to leave the pool at the same time. The staff working around the pool area was observant and attentive as when he saw us walking towards the cushion-deck-chair area, he walked over and placed two towels over the cushion for us and brought extra two more towels for us to use.

Swim time! :3

 The view from our spot.


The Chateau really takes care of their guests as their cute line one the phone says "Your wish is our command" or somewhere along the lines of that. Their service and quality of products and food is up-to-par of a 5-star luxury resort. It is a great place for a couples' getaway. It is also a great spot for an outdoor private affair wedding ceremony as they have a great location for it. I felt so pampered throughout the trip and rejuvenated after that. We wished we could stay longer but we both agreed that it would be best to remain as a getaway for that special occasion. :) Thank You so much to my sweetest boy for the planning and the surprise. It was a great anniversary but what matters most is to have you by my side to enjoy every detail together! I love you so much!

May we 4ever be such cute and weird creatures! XD


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