Monday, May 31, 2010

Think Before You Act

I realized that sometimes people do things for the wrong reasons.
They might think that, that is the only solution they have so they'd pick that instead.
Doing things that are not worth to be doing.
C'mon lah, even though life is unfair but God is not that cruel towards you.
Everything has a solution to it and a correct path for you choose.
Everyone of us have people around us, who cares for you and is willing to help you.
Don't do something that will end up hurting yourself and probably towards the others around you.
There is no dead end for every problem.
There is definitely a solution to it.
In addition, there is definitely a couple of choices for you to pick.
Nobody's stupid,
Everyone is blessed with common sense and brains to think what is right and what is wrong.
Everything you do still comes down to yourself,
Your choice,
Your decision.
So pick the right choice,
Pick the right path.
Think before you do it.
Think of the consequences towards yourself and towards others.
Please, just...Don't do things for the wrong reasons.

Friday, May 21, 2010

To You With Love

Being the youngest child in the family, people tend to stereotype them as the 'spoilt', 'pampered' one and often said as them to be the ones that gets all the best things and are considered as the 'Golden Child' that parents will love them more than the elder children in the family.

Why would i say that it is true is because personally I am the youngest in the family and boy am I lucky. I get unconditional love from my parents. They usually give me the things that I want ever since young or most of the time when i ask for it, they will give it to me. Even if I prefer not to say I want a certain thing, they'd still say 'Nvm lah, you like it then okaylah'. Not only that, I have two awesomest siblings-My sister and late brother which I can tell you, is like the most amazing siblings that a sister could have. Both of them always let me 'go first' or 'take the things you want first'.

As much materialistic as this post sound but what I want to point out here is not about the things that i get. It is more of their character. Their heart, their care and their love. Believe me or not, I have never ever in my life been hit or scolded by my parents. If its like advise 'tegur' me got of course. I actually envy those who had been hit by their parents. lol. One thing I hate about my parents is when they give us the best of the best and they'll just take the 'rest' or 'remainings'. However, they are not bias too.

One is the person that I really look up to - my sister and the other is the one whom I inherited the carefree, playful character -  my brother. My sister is the one who taught me alot of things. She's the one who is responsible for moulding me and teaching me all sorts of things. My brother is the one who taught me to take life easy and live it to the fullest because you only life once. I guess i'm really blessed to have these contradicting siblings that made me learned a little form both.

Being the quiet child in the family (i'm serious) I learn to observe my surroundings and i learn to respect my family alot. I never fought with anyone of them before too. To come to the think of it,

I come be so Patient is because of these people.
I come to Love and not expecting love in return is through these people.
I learnt to Care for others sincerely is because of these people.
I come to Understand others is because of these people.
To Help and not expecting a reward is because of these people.

All I am today, my self esteem, is because of these people. All these traits can be a disadvantage to me but, I feel really blessed to be like that.

One thing i feel really amazed about myself is the ability to be patient with even the worst kind of people, or any situations to just be quiet and not fight back or question and just walk away until I think it is the right time to talk. Sometimes I'd blog about how i feel just to let the part of me out. Yet there are times where all the feelings are packed in my chest that I can't even breathe. And yeah, I prefer to keep problems to myself cause I don't like making my problem as a part of other people's problem too. So next time if you ask me a few times or so what's wrong and I answer Nothing. Stop bugging me and Stop asking. I will tell when I feel like it.

I wonder too whether one day I would just let everything out and burst into tears. That's the thing that i admire the most about myself - Patience (flips hair) ;p I don't know how I do it actually. I don't mind if the things I do, people don't return it. As long as they're happy, I'm happy. Just don't take advantage of me thats all I ask of. =)

I experienced the Love from my Family, I have got enough Love from my Family and am still getting Love from them. It's my turn to share the love that I have with those that I hold close to me. =)

Just Doing It With Love


I Miss

Misses the Father who loved me unconditionally.
Misses the Brother who inspired me.
Misses the Uncle who favors me the most.
Misses the Guy whom I never stopped loving.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Half way through

I am half way through my Print Advertising lecture notes
Good news is that the exam timetable did not change so exam is on Thursday which means more time (yes)!
Anyways, i realized whenever it comes to exam week, my mood is on a  roller coaster ride.
I know i have been moody and quiet lately and probably emo...
Just so you know, when i'm quiet it means i'm thinking of something.
As for the moody, emo part...
Cause you see har..studying needs concentration right and when i concentrate i will be blanking out all other things and focus on the notes and when i do that sometimes some other things might tend to slip into my head and i start thinking of it.
Then I will switch off my phone & (try my very best) to not open FB after i close it.
So I will be very quiet and i tend to isolate myself from others..
Because the way i study is that i prefer to study by myself.
Studying with other people i cannot weih..distractions...
heee~ but now i feel better knowing that the paper is nearing and I can finish once and for all... for mid terms only that is.. XD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another day on a Special Day with the Most Wonderful Person - Mommy!

Sunday was Mother's Day, so of course, I went to spend time with my mommy and also my sister.
Despite some undone assignments, family is still important soo...
Went to my sis place in the evening and while waiting for my sis to come back from appointment...I...
Snapped Away~ =p

My Sister gave my mom four choices. Mom choose D which is Japanese buffet in KL but because it was far so we decided to just go to a Japanese restaurant at Mid Valley City called Ninja Jones. The waiters here are all dresses up as ninjas and the ambiance of the restaurant really brought up the Ninja feel.

Seated at our table, the first picture that I took.

"Ren Zhe" a translation of Ninja in Mandarin which was carved on the tables.

The woman who made it all happen and had help me to be who I am today!
Mommy Dearest! <3 ^^

So these are the food that we order.
You know what...Though the ambiance and the decorations were really breath-taking, it's not worth eating there.

The best food of the night i would say is the Kobe Beef. You see the lil mash potato thingy at the bottom middle of this picture? Yeah..this lil baby took almost ONE hour to cook and be served on out table..Like WTH man?

Teeheee~ Well, even so it was Mother's Day, Mommy still loves us dearest. She took us shopping. =)
I feel happy yet the guilt is more than the happiness because my mom always thinks of us first than herself.
She said shopping but she didn't buy anything for herself. I did not go home empty handed though.

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