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Perth, Australia 2.0 - Rottnest Island

So the other day I just finished blogging about my Perth, Australia 1.0 trip, so with this post, the journey continues! :) Second day of the trip, we went to Rottnest Island. It is a 30-minute ferry ride from the Fremantle Harbour to the island itself, while from Esplanade, Perth City, its a 1 hour ferry ride.

Important things that you should/must bring to Rottnest Island for a one day trip:

  1. Sunblock SPF 50 (VERY IMPORTANT)
  2. Water bottle (with water LOL)
  3. Isotonic drink (optional but may help)
  4. Swim wear
  5. Spare clothings
  6. Thongs and/or sneakers (whichever you are comfortable with to cycle in)
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Little bottles of soap and shampoo (if you want to wash up later on)
  9. Towel[s] (one for at the beach and the other for shower)
  10. Camera 
  11. Phone (I know its a trip & an adventure but its just for emergency)
  12. Watch (To keep track of time, wouldn't want to lose track of time in the hills now!)
  13. Power bar or snack (for when you are cycling around the hills, it's a long road you might get hungry)

Before leaving for Rottnest, we went for breakfast in a cafe called Tasty Express Cafe, B Shed ferry terminal for breakfast to fuel up for the long journey ahead!

Good Morning!

The food there was great! Never expect it for it to be so awesome! I enjoyed their cappuccino the most, it was very fragrant and smooth and the froth was thick and fluffy. Breakfast was really gooooddd, it made my day!!

The ferry ride was.... kinda horrible. Well for me and Kuok Sing at least. It was okay at first and then it turned bad because we felt sea sick. the waves were very rough especially the ferry trip back to Freo Market. But we managed to control it in. 
Our dying faces *uuugggggghhhh*

It was summer, so it was really hot, hot, hot! But the wind was strong, strong, strong (and cold)! We were greeted by the clear blue skies and cotton candy clouds with lots of seagulls around!

Yes, it was VERY bright! Look how small Ivy's eyes has become! XD

How can we NOT take a picture right? 

Don't worry about getting lost as they have a Rottnest Island Visitor Centre to assist lost souls. You are able to ask questions regarding accommodation, food, island tours bike and snorkelling gears rentals etc..

Posers in front of the Visitor Centre.

Rottnest Island Bike & Hire

This is where you are able to rent bicycles and snorkelling gears. Don't worry as there are bicycles for different sizes of people from kids to adults and for those who prefer to ride as a couple. They are very friendly people so do not hesitate to ask for help for change of bicycles if you are not comfortable with the bicycle that they have given you. :)

Please do pick up a map of the Island as well. It is very important! Don't be gung ho, the island may not seem that big in the map but when you start cycling, you will get lost one way or another. But not to worry if you still get lost, with the map and a couple of friends, you should be able to find your way back on track. Plus, you won't be the only cyclist around.

Travel light! Our bikes and our bag packs which contains only the necessities that we need on our bicycle journey.

 The sign says: CAUTION. No drinking water outside settlement. Cyclist keep left. Do not feed Quokkas. Beware of venomous snakes.

 We did not come across any venomous snakes but just beware. :) Also, if you are wondering what is a Quokka...

Yes, very cute and pretty harmless (I guess). Just be sure not to feed them!

Rottnest is all about enjoying the breathtaking view and also the adventure! So I shall let the pictures do the talking! :)

 The girls.

 The boys


The road that we cycled on

The view from on top of one of the hills.

Some of the hills are quite high so if your stamina is not good, you will definitely get tired and your legs will be sore. That's why water is important! We cycled for quite a while before we managed to reach Parker's Point which is one of the snorkelling spots on the island. Make sure to protect your skin with sun block, else you will get sunburn like me! Haha. I live by the sea in Port Dickson, and the sea here is beyond words to describe as compared to PD's.

I have never in my whole life seen such a beautiful beach as this!

When you are at the beach, you should do the cliché thing of all. Jumping poses! XD

Then after our dip in the sea, we decided to head back to the "mainland" (LOL) because it started to drizzle heavily and the clouds were turning grey. The feeling of raindrops on the skin was so refreshing! I loved it even more as I was cycling! We stopped by this unusual spot where the lake is pink! We were very curious as to what it was as the land surrounding it seemed like salt. True enough after our trip, I googled it and it is one of the Salt Lakes on the island which occupy ten percent of the area of Rottnst Island. This one is called the Pink Lake. Through the pictures it doesn't look pinkish at all cause it was too bright!

The Pink Lake

Salt blocks

After the discovery of the lake we continued with our journey.

Shoo sweeeettt! ^^

Upon reaching the "town" of Rottnest, we returned our bicycles and snorkelling gears. Then we head to the bathroom to wash up and then it was lunch time!! There are a few eateries on the island i.e. bakery, restaurant, dessert store etc. We decided on Riva Restaurant which the food, we loved too!

After lunch, there was time to spare before our ferry arrives. so we took a stroll around the "town" of Rottnest. They have a grocery store there too! So don't be afraid if you think that you will starve on the island. It was very hot so Kuok Sing and I bought Magnum ice cream which its flavours, you don't see in Malaysia. Not that it wasn't good! But i still prefer the original. :D

There was still time to spare! We were pretty drained so we decided to just chill not far from the jetty, on the grass. I would never lie on the grass in Malaysia! Just be mindful of the bird poop landing around the lawn. XD

We don't know why, but somehow the wind was really really REALLY chilly!!! No one expected summer to be cold right so we were all unprepared for it. Jackie said that the wind is the type of wind that you will get in winter.

Cuddle up!

The boys getting some warmth from the sun.

Rottnest Island was a trip worth making. We only went there for a one day trip but I am pretty sure if you were to stay there a few days, you would be able to see more and visit more spots on the island. If you ask me, I would return to Rottnest Island again for the activities, the food and the atmosphere. We were so happy that we managed to pull through cycling up and down the hills (especially kudos to Ivy who did not know how to cycle at all, managed to cycle through until the end of the day) and returned back in time for lunch! :D In Rottnest, you experience adventure, you feel relaxed and you have fun too. Just make sure that your loved ones are okay with you going snorkelling. My mom and sister freaked out when I told them I entered the sea water of Rottnest. They were talking about the dangers of the sea in Australia. Oppsie?

The journey continues in Perth, Australia 3.0! :)

P/S: Pictures here are a combination from my friend Jackie, the boyfriend - Kuok Sing and my camera. Thanks guys! :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Food Review: Fat Spoon Café

So, just two weeks ago, the boyfriend and I decided to make one day of each week a food indulgent day since he and I have a lot more food places to discover. So yesterday, we went to the cafe nearest to us for dinner. We went to Fat Spoon Café at Damansara Utama, for a taste of contemporary Nyonya food. Actually, it was the first time for me there but he has been there a few times. Sorry, for I did not manage to take the interior of the cafe (will try do to so the next time!) but they managed to bring a nostalgic touch to the cafe from the door, to the menu, the interior and the furniture. I was quite lost as I entered the cafe as I was wondering which dessert to order even before I decided on my main course! Haha...

 Lemongrass & Pandan Tea

The tea was brewed finely as it was smooth; no residue or fibre bits from the lemongrass. Tea was served hot and the fragrant scent of lemongrass was soothing and calming. It wasn't diluted but the tea was thick and rich in lemongrass flavour, not so much of Pandan though. Only towards the end, you will see the fine residue from the lemongrass.

Belacan Fried Rice

It looks simple but the scent of the belacan was really good! Especially the smell of the fried rice. Chicken was fried to the perfect texture. Skin is lightly crispy but the meat was soft and juicy. When I ate the chicken,  it reminded me of the fried chicken that I used to order with plain nasi from the mamak store beside my parent's kedai runcit back in my hometown. It tasted very similar! :)

Tamarind Prawn Angel Hair Pasta

I fell in love with this dish the moment I had the first bite (salivating as I type this LOL). It has a tangy kick to it with a touch of locality. Although it was tangy, i believe they lightly fried the pasta with soy sauce and their tamarind sauce. It's like mee goreng but not that goreng (if you get what i mean). It was very appetizing and makes you want more of it! The prawns were fresh and seasoned well, living up to the name of the dish. ;)

 Here comes the fun part.... DESSERT!!!

 Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

Please note that this is not brownie with ice cream but it is actually chocolate cake because the boyfriend made a mistake and they nearly gave us their home made brownie instead. Quote the boyfriend: "Fluffy, chocolat-y and warm" were the words he used to describe his dessert. I would prefer if the chocolate drizzle was more and slightly thicker though.

Sago Pudding with Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream

This dessert just ended my day perfectly! I had no guilt eating it at all! Haha. The ice cream was smooth, thick and creamy. You do taste the Gula Melaka with a tinge of saltiness. There were little bits of Gula Melaka in the ice cream which I hoped there were MORE! They even drizzled melted Gula Melaka on top of the ice cream! The Sago was tasteless but it complements the dessert as a whole as when the ice cream melts, it becomes the "sauce" for the sago, becoming just like the traditional Gula Melaka Sago! Somehow towards the end of the dessert, it started to taste like coffee, i.e. latte. Only concern is that the surface of the sago hardens as the ice cream is too cold but that is just a minor drawback. I still love this dessert! :D

Fat Spoon also caters to big groups and parties as well. For more info you can visit their Facebook page @ Fat Spoon Café . It will be a food trip that will make you want more! ;)

Fat Spoon Café

73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Opening Hours:
Tue - Thu: 11.30 am - 3pm; 5pm - 10pm.
Fri - Sun: 11.30am - 10pm

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