Friday, January 29, 2016

Edge up your wardrobe with a pair of boots

You know how most people have the general conception that heels are the sexiest complement to a woman's wardrobe. Whether you agree with me or not, I love how a pair of boots gives a sexy edge to the person wearing it. I don't have an extensive collection of boots but just enough for me to spice up my wardrobe. If you are looking for a pair, you can check out these selection of boots for women . 

I'm a petite girl standing at a height of 155cm and even though I have dreams of wearing those long knee-length boots, I try to avoid them because you know 'fashion experts' advise that wearing long boots can make a short girl's figure look even shorter. Two years back when I was preparing for a family trip to Chiang Mai, I was told that the weather in Chiang Mai during December is winter so I figured (as any woman's impulse) I "need" to get a boots because it's winter. It wasn't easy to find a suitable boots for myself but low and behold, I managed to find a pair. It was those "love a first sight" kind of experience. It was a just below-the-knee flat boots which quite surprisingly, fitted well on my figure. Needless to say, I bought it!

Taken during my trip in Chiang Mai. It fits really well with Skinny jeans.

On days where I feel like i'm gonna (quote Queen Bey) Run The World, I would put on my pair of black ankle boots. I love how these boots really brings out the toughness to my overall wardrobe. Definitely a confidence booster. These are really versatile which can be paired with almost anything but I usually pair these pair of babies with shorts and skinny jeans. I have experimented pairing these boots with an asymmetrical skirt and a crop top for a sensual and tough look at the same time. 

Dolled up for a night at the club

Wore them after my workout, hence the workout attire. But it suits doesn't it?

While I do enjoy the comfort of my flat boots, I do like the idea of having a little more height. One other option to edge up my wardrobe is by pairing up with a leather wedged boots. I like to pair this with a skirt or a dress. To amp up my office wardrobe, I wore it with a bodycon dress. It's formal but not being too casual at the same time.

One of those work days

So whether you want to wear it for casual or formal, there is that pair of perfect fit boots for you. You just need to hunt them down! 


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