Sunday, August 22, 2010


Not just anyone
Not just a thing
Not just for fun
Not just sentences
Not just words


You are worth much more than of those tangible things in life
You are everything that you are
Genuine and not pretentious
and I love it. =)
Just so you know, i mean every word that i say to you.

I can write a whole lot of many other things here make your life harder,
Ask me if you want to know
I will tell you, "but maybe i'll change my mind"
Yes, I is mean.. =p

I know you're feeling happy now
I know you're smiling
As mean as i am
And as "guai" as i am...

Ku tau ko suke sayang

You know the significance of it. ;p

*Sidenote: Aimisshyou <3


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perfection is Undefined

First impression is important
True that we look at a person at first sight is their outer beauty
The next thing we know, all sorts of comments start to come out,
Whether you say it to yourself or with your friends, you know yourself ;)
I know, because i do it too. =p

Perfection is not up to us to define.

Yet, it is up to us whether we want to go deeper to further understand.
A person's outer appearance doesn't define who they truly are inside.
Try to accept a person's strengths but flaws too.

A person's flaw is the essence that makes them grow stronger


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Indulged in Life

I've been really busy lately that i've neglected my blog. lol..well i'm back! and i have loads to update on! =D
Well hmmm..lets see...i am actually on semester break but i can't seem to find time to stop (not till today) and rest...I was busy practicing for the WWF Freeze Tiger Trade Flash Mob and also for Malam Kebudayaan Melayu and also for Brandy's mom's event AND addition is the LEO club event. Oh yeah and also for the dodgeball too.. >.< Then there is the work for my sister and also in Genting on weekends. So yeah..practically i'm booked for the weekends lol..

Despite the busy schedule, i still try to find time for my family.. that is why....i'm rejecting good food in Genting and staying over for dinner today! =p oh yeaaaahhhhh...stay at home and eat home cooked food and plus...i think i've grown fatter! >.< too much consumption of killer and literally sinful food! So its a dine in tonight! It all started when Sarah's parent's came down to visit her...We went to the Waterlily to eat. Me likey the food and the ambience there..Awesome! ^^

Then there was the Klue Party Plus 5 on Friday @ Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. 4 of us - Brandon, Maya, CY & I volunteered to help Brandy for the night. Basically we do the usual routine which is wher ewe explain about TX2 and encourage the people to sign up for this campaign to stop tiger trade and also at that time, to ask them to join the Freeze Tiger Trade - Flash Mob. Well, we had fun while working there. we had delicious food catered by Delicious..Believe me, we had our respective cravings for that night. ;p

We did not really fancy this was stuffed with banana..

One of Brandy's fav

My Canape! ^^

CY's Chicken Teriyaki.. XD

A blend of lychee, mint and lime kinda drink..don't know the name though but it was all of our favourite.

After that we went to SwitchBlade to meet up with the members of YouthSays & had supper there.. xD

To think that awesome food was already done, well on Sunday, I went to Tamarind Springs for the Bridal Fair which was themed Rustic Luxe. Truly Scrumptious was there too and they are always famous for their delicious cupcakes. As usual, we smuggled few for ourselves..heee...and they have brunch prepared for us and food tasting! ish... >.< More pictures & information on Natasha's Blog @ Decorateur.

The next day, i had to go back to college as Malaysian Studies classes were still on. Went back and all of us were least my gang of people.. ;p Sarah asked if i wanted to go pasar malam..hence..there we go with Marcus and Jin..Edward balik Ipoh..haha.. Bought so many things that we couldn't able to even finish it! After that at night went to Andrew's house for the Project Fortee6 meeting. I'm a part time organiser for the second project but a full time bimbo.. ;p

For the whole month of July, once after finals i have been busy practicing dance for the Freeze Tiger Trade - Flash Mob every Tuesday and Thursday night and training for KDU Citra Warna - Minggu Kebudayaan Melayu. It as soo tiring the first time but after a few practices all of us got the jist of teaching and training the people. It was so awesome and all the harwork payed off! Everyone was Spectacular that night! We appeared on several newspapers too. Great job to Sara who worked so hard to make this happen! *Hugz* Save the Tigers People!!!
Have a look and click on TX2 please.. Thank You. =)

My Tiger Stripes ;p

Suan, Brandon's sweet colleague.

This is another longer version by Malaysia Kini at Freeze Tiger Trade Flashmob Hit KL Streets.
At the meantime, here take a look at our video on The Star Online. =)

Now i am satisfied! haha..PLUS, not forgetting going to Sg Wang and Times Square to shop just the other day. Wouldn't be surprise if there are only pennies left in my purse. Lol. Oh well, despite the holidays, there is still the Malaysian Studies to study for. *sobs* Stress out for MS. =( Anyways, after dissapearing two weeks form Genting, i'm going back today to get back to my job. I love this job! ^^

Never Fail =)


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