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Perth, Australia 3.0 - Perth City

After a span of 2 months being absent, I am back! MIA for 2 months due to assignments and exams. Mid semester break now! So, back to my trip back in Perth, Australia Day 3! If you were following my blogpost before this, I wrote about my trip to Perth, Australia 2.0 - Rottnest Island . Day 3 in Australia was shopping day in Perth city and also sightseeing. The day before was so damn tiring with the cycling and walking hence it felt like a chore to wake up in the morning. I think everyone was up, except me. No surprise there actually. Hahaha.

I'm such a pig.

We took a train to Perth City and walked around town. Our first stop was Harbour Town where it is really bargain shopping. You can say it is like the Sungai Wang of Malaysia but these are legit apparel shops and there are some which are well-known brands, which are sold at a very low price even after conversion! I bought a mint coloured sneakers at 9.95 AUD, a mint colour skinnies at 10 AUD, a skirt and and a dress from Cotton On at 2 AUD each, a tube dress at 12 AUD and a lime yellow colour frayed shorts at 9.95 AUD! I only have 1 photo here to illustrate what I saw there. Too busy shopping. 

Shoes in Cotton On Harbour Town

At that moment I was literally feeling like the meme below.

Image taken from

Alright, so after Harbour Town, we went for lunch at this Japanese Restaurant called Taka's Kitchen. The portion is relatively sufficient for 1 person. I ordered the Unagi Don and it came with a Miso Soup. The Green Tea is self service and refillable. If i'm not mistaken, their Green Tea is free and refillable. 

This was mine! Teriyaki Chicken and Sashimi platter

Unagi Don

Chicken Curry Don

I didn't take pictures of buildings in Perth City itself as we were rushing to get to Kings Park. There's not much difference from KL city, only that its Ang Mohs and the streets were clean. Other than that, it operates much like KL; cars, traffic jam, working people. Oh, but the working people there take the public transport especially the bus because it is so darn convenient and punctual!

So we arrived in Kings Park and Botanic Garden just in time where it wasn't too hot as compared to the sun in the afternoon. It is a beautiful park indeed! The park is clean, grass is well kept and trees aplenty. One thing I love about Australia is that you are able to lie and tumble on the grass. Australians love the great outdoors! In the evening, there are plenty of people who would head to the park for a walk/jog, some with their pets, there were a few groups of people who were doing bootcamp and their training and also some are there for a picnic. Mind you, there are some who make the effort to bring foldable picnic tables and chairs okay.

Greetings from Kings Park and Botanic Garden!

There were hanging light bulbs in one part of the park. Jackie said it wasn't there before this so there should be some exhibition of some sort. We didn't stay till night but we're pretty sure it'll look beautiful at night.

Plenty of walkways for people to walk and jog.

There's Ks trying his best to impersonate the infamous "Lala girls" 1-5 finger hand pose; The adorable petite Ivy; and the (ehem) sexy Jackie.

Kings Park is located on top of a hill which you are able to get a spectacle landscape view of Perth city and their river. Oh, and all you tourist, one tip when visiting Kings Park: NEVER wear a dress/skirt to Kings Park. Wind blowing like siao. I had a struggle trying to tame my skirt. There are a few monuments around the park as well. So it's kind of like an educational experience as well.

View from on top: Perth City.

 One of the few monuments.

Natural light, great view, and lots of shade, makes Kings Park a great place to take portrait/wedding shots!

Dinner was at Hogs Breath in Northbridge. Northbridge comes alive at night. There are Big screen TVs and a few spots, apparently one with bean bag, my friend said. Northbridge is a good place for people who likes to hang out at night. They have alot of bars, bistros, restaurants and just a space for people to hang around. But some parts of Northbridge are a little dodgy. Feels abit like Changkat there. 

One of the sports for movies/shows.

Took us a damn long time to find Hogs Breath, close to an hour I think? But we did not give up! We finally found the eatery and boy are we glad we were determined. They are famous for their ribs and steak hence why we were very determined! Plus, we wanted to eat some good food in Australia.


Happy people with their happy meal!

Ze ribs were cooked to perfection! The smokey scent of the ribs was out of this world! Sauce was really fragrant and their sides complemented the dish really well. Service was top notch too. The waitress tending to our table was (too) perky but she was just doing her job. You won't get that kind of service and hospitality in Malaysia, so we were a bit in a culture shock. Well, I guess we know who's gonna be employee of the month. ;D We went home satisfied and I would definitely go back there again! See boys and girls, determination pays off! 

Ate alot on this day, but Kuok Sing and I wanted to try Churros to find out what's all the craze about it. So we went to Chocolateria San Churros to try. We tried both the Chocolate and the Caramel dipping. My verdict? I didn't like it. Dude.. Its just freakin' fried dough and different types of dipping. This was probably the only thing that I didn't like during my trip there. In my own opinion, I don't think it's worth it and I would rather use that money to spend on better food. Those who like Churros, i'm pretty sure you have your own opinion but I came out of the cafe thinking "I don't get why is it so expensive for fried dough? Why do people like it so much?" Anyone care to enlighten me?

 Churros with Chocolate and Caramel dipping.

 Cappucino with chocolate shavings on top
p/s: The cappuccino that I had at B Shed Ferry Terminal, Fremantle Harbour in my Perth, Australia 2.0 - Rottnest Island post was way better . 

Well, that sums up the day in Perth City. It was a food-filled day I would say. Oh, and did I mention that I woke up with an outline of a racer-back sunburn? Cool right? Perth, Australia 4.0 coming up soon!  

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