Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Time Favourites

Oh nothing, just  a few of my latest cravings... 

Cupcakes!!!! They are my ultimate guilty pleasure!! These cupcakes are from Wondermilk. Their cupcakes are quite pricey and its quite small but no doubt it is very very VERY delicious! I do love their Chocolate Orange cupcakes but i like the Vanilla flavour. Simple and you might say its and not worth it, but i love the simple taste of the cupcake. 

Sushi oh Sushi, its like a monthly thing. XD I crave for these babies like every month. Why do they have to be so yummy and Sushi Zanmai is the place to go when i am in need of some sushi!

Photo from Erie

So fattening yet so tempting. Nasi Lemak, its a Malaysian delight and its one of my favourites especially the one with sotong sambal from Port Dickson.

Photo from

If you didn't know, traditionally this is called "Mee Hoon Kueh", but it is known as "pan mee" nowadays. I have always been a Mee Hoon Kueh lover since i was young and I would only call it Mee Hoon Kueh only if it was hand made into flat pieces with the basic ingredients, not machine made with all sorts of funny stuff added. The one in the picture has prawns, i prefer mine without though.

Photos from

The first time i ate this in Singapore, it was... indescribable. I so wanna have it again but its all the way in Singapore! Why Malaysia you no has Cinnamon Meltz?!! Well, makes sense to not have seeing how much we Malaysians eat. XD

 As i am writing this post, i am drooling already! Hunggrrrryyyyyyyy!!! I'm a girl, who can eat and i surely do enjoy food very much! :D


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