Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Beginning to an Ending

Say goodbye to KDU and say hello to Monash! Done with my Diploma and started with my degree just this week! Oh how fast the years went by. Not exactly done with KDU because i haven't been able to get my academic transcript and my certificate. *sob... Well why wait when you are able to move forward already right? :)

Pursuing a Bachelor in Communications in the Sunway Monash campus currently and may i say that first week of class has been fair to me. Met my first few lecturers and they are actually very nice. I am really looking forward to my life in Monash. Definitely a 360 degrees turn from my experience in Diploma as well as KDU. Learning new subjects and trying to digest new (challenging) information. People in Monash are not as nerdy as you think they are. True they are the studious type but not the typical portrayal of nerds in the Western countries.

Its just the first week and not much can be concluded here as i will be here for another 2 more years. I feel thank selecting Monash is a right choice and I am paying for money's worth here. Here's to me and my friends  as we have completed our Diploma and starting a new fight for our Degree! :)


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