Wednesday, February 1, 2012

26 Years Old and still counting

I dreamt about you few days ago.
It was a short one though.
I was never really good with remembering dreams unless it was something terrifying.
All I could remember was you getting onto this ambulance like car, you closed the door, and you said Goodbye. (Ironic...I know)
I started to cry as I saw the car going further and I felt as if I can really hear and feel myself crying.
I slowly came out from the state of dream; waking up with tears.
I couldn't stop crying because I know it is all true...that you are here, no more.

I have dreams of you which I myself do not understand the message of it despite it being a weird dream sometimes. However, i am glad that I was able to see you and sometimes talk to you in it as dreams are the only place that I can feel close to you and know that you are never that far away. So here's to you...

Happy 26th Birthday Gor.

"Words can't even come close to expressing how much we miss you."

With lots of Love,

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