Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wishes for you

 Behold the Festival of lights!

Which means, public holiday! *yay!*
One thing I adorably love about Malaysia is
When there is a festival, it is pronounced as a PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Nevertheless, I love Malaysia because of the variations that we have.
It is the time of the year where you can see their hand made craft work, traditional home cooked food.

In addition, no matter old or young, they all come together to celebrate.

For those who are celebrating this festival I wish you
Happy Deepavali!


"Bizzy" Friday

A day with vibrant colours in Bizzy Body studio Puchong.

Our Photo Comm Lecturer, Mr Steven's client Bizzy Body was doing a photo shoot for their ambassador search so he thought it would be a good idea to ask all of his students to join him. He wanted to give us a taste of how a studio photo shoot is done.

Models getting their hair and make up done

She's a joyful one.. =D

Whats make up without super 'chio' clothes? hahaha XD

After the models were done, then they came in one by one for their photo shoot.
We were trying to take some shots and this is what came out from my camera.

Thats Xuite Lim, we forced her to do it. :p

Sweet girl with sweet smile. ^.^

Didn't take much cause had to rush back to college for meeting and photo shoot.
oh well..all in the days work.

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