Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 - A meaningful number says You and its true

It all started on 16 August.
You told me a very complicating yet interesting mathematical formula.
So caught up with things happening around me, didn't realized that today marks the day of being together one month until you reminded me last week *oops*.
You will know what goes on in my head and what am I saying and feeling.
Come to think of it, now I notice how much interest and stuff that we share in common.
Past mistakes knocked me in the head and tells me that I should appreciate you more than ever.
Its only been a month but I'm looking forward for it to turn into months and years.
To go through those months and years together with you.
Thank you for giving me tears of joy; songs of happiness; undivided love; constant care; utmost patience and understanding for me.

"Yes Darling You are, The Only Exception" =)

And Yes, I will always love Sing ;)

-Happy First Monthniversary-

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