Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Read between the lines

When you look at this picture what does it mean to you? what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this picture? hee~ =)

Love it vry much.. XOXO. ^.^ <3

BTW, I miss you already =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Johor Bahru trip, a brief guide through

Just came back from Johor Bahru yesterday. Had an awesome time with EdwardMarcusSarah & CY in JB. Of course Sarah brought us around JB if not we were lost by then! I didn't know that JB was so big and complicated roads...but it all seem the same to me though. heeee XD

Basically we went to JB for a holiday (Duh), we were lucky that Sarah's family open their house for us to stay. First day was tiring, once Marcus and Edward finish their consumer we took a 4 hour bus drive to JB. Had dinner at her granmama's house. Food was awesome! After dinner, watch a movie. Who knew that there was a thing like 'Ladies Day' in JB TGV man. Never knew that lol. After that we went back home and sleep! 

I'm June and I'll be your tour guide of the day! ^.^

Poor Edward and Marcus, had to wake up early in the morning at 6am to go do Edward's passport at the imigration to only found out at 10am that his passport can't be approved because his IC was too old. like WTH right!!! So we stayed in JB for the whole four days. Had a taste of Sarah's driving skills....hhmmmmm.... *no comment* ;p

This reminded us of you Jin! I took the liberty of snapping a picture of it! XD

Went to Danga Bay after dinner to take some pictures. Edward was MIA, he was on a mission digging for crabs. >.<

Guess what, Edward here was actually missing Joey during the trip *awwwww* =)
See Jin Swan, the Golden Tripod misses you so much man! So do we! Better Appreciate the annoying calls that we made! =p

Went to..somewhere forgot the place of the mall lol! XD We were playing Police Vs. Mafia in Giant. Bahahha. No Life! XD This was taken when we were waiting for Sarah's parents.

One of our pictures having breakfast. Also my favourite during the trip.

Sarah said there's nothing much in JB so her main tourist spot for us were JB food! The food was great! My favourite was the breakfast before we headed to Desaru with the Wantan Mee, Chee Cheong Fan and the Roti Bakar. ^^ Chicken rice was good too, the boys loved it like kao kao weih! Not forgetting the tauhu bakar and according to Sarah's, JB's famous chocolate ice kacang. ahaaaa~ something new. We went to try the mamak in JB too, to compare that with of DJ and we agreed that SS2 Murni is still the best! ;)

Us enjoying the sea breeze & getting ready to go in.

One my Favourite spot! Desaru!! wohooo the waves memang syok weih! I admit it is better than PD beach la! the Waves only, but PD still wins best calminity (not a word) spot for ME! =p We swam, searched, dug & buried.

Swam in the sea, Search for seashells, dug the sand and buried each of us inside. weeeeeee~ Well Marcus and Edward had to accomplish one more mission fist which they were left out by Jin.
Coconut mission in Johor Bahru- Desaru. Success! XD

This is what you get for not putting on Sunblock when you go into the sea people! 

Throughout the whole four days trip, I've seen them sleep in the car everywhere we go especially Edward and Marcus. If there were a prize for this, they'd win it hands down! Notice why there ain't my piggy pictures? Cause i stayed awake and was the one who took all these. ;p

My lil angels sleeping so sweetly~ ^^

The Tards were in JB! Although some of us couldn't make it but we still enjoyed the whole trip and hope to do it again sometime! ^.^
Love ya guys kao kao! XOXO Muackz!! =)

-The Tards-

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hsieh June feels like......

Hsieh June feels like...

...hugging you...
         ...holding you...
               ...look and stare at you...
                          ...spending time with you...
                                    ...telling you how much I Love You...

Hsieh June Misses YouTian Leng...

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