Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Is Not Just About Me & You =)

Mid Terms are over!!! Awesomeness! At least i can breathe a lil..Actually NO!! Have to come up with decorations for Valentines Day Next week is Valentines Day as KDU PARTS were asked to do something on that day.

Soooooooo.... for your information, we are having performances by Wanted Symphony, PARTS Singing and Dance division, Talk by WWF and etc. We will also be having Bazzars selling Flowers by PARTS, accessories, cupcakes by the KDU Dodgeball Club, Chocolates by the H&T students, clothes, gifts, Malaya Optical is coming, WWF and sooo much more!

This year, our theme is "LOVE IS NOT JUST ABOUT ME AND YOU." We are emphasizing on the relationship that we share with other people and other living things and not just that relationship that one shares with that special someone only.

So come~ people.. COME!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday

On every 1st of February, I look forward to celebrate your Birthday with you Tian Leng. However now i can only hope that you can hear me as i wish you a

Happy 24th Birthday Gor ♥

Silently missing you as the days goes by...

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