Monday, January 25, 2010

Me Amigos

I'm in organisational communication class and its waining cats and dogs outside.starting to get bored and then i realised that i left my blog for a long time since last year..haha..Daymn..My desserted blog has been neglected for quite a some time already. Basically i had no internet conneciton when i was in Port Dickson and when i was at my sister's place. The moment i got to my Damansara Jaya home, the first thing i did was, Facebook! hehe..Yeah, so i was too caught up with all the notifications and approvals that needed to be cleared pronto! I just can't stand the sight of seeing so many things in my account. XD

My 3rd semester has started and it's a short semester. It's going to be a tough ride man. The semester has just started and i'm already enjoying it! Thanx to my few retard lepak friends- Sarah, Chin Yin, Matthew Ong, Jin Swan, Edward & a new member- Mr. Adam Farid. these people are AWESOME! P/s:i'm not kissing up ur ass here guys, its the truth! =)

We're like a bunch of college students who have no life at all. Everyday our activity is Poker, Poker, & Poker. It started of with 'Cho Dai Dee' and then we decided to 'Bluff' each other. We started to get bored so we want to experience 'Heart Attack' and played 'Snap'. Then just recently, we seek to hunt down the 'Mafia'. After that, its time for Mamak! I people must think like 'Wth, no life man these people..' haha..whatever you say la..I Like it! The best part is, after playin poker for so long, we didn't gamble at all! muahahaha!! All the stupid jokes and our scandals with each other. haha..Very complicated relationship between each other..haha..I really enjoy my life her ein college here with them la. These bunch of people has been the reason why i'm sleeping at dawn..haha..but i enjoy the company of these people lah. They are the ones who make me laugh every single minute. So Thanx guys!

This new semester has been a turn table also. Starting of this semester and some of us are having conflicts already but it's not happening within our group.Haish..I hate all these college drama man. Wth. I feel so trapped man. I hope la that this conflict can be settled soon. You just gotta understand that assigment and friendship is different. Its two condradicting things man. So i'm sorry kay if I made the decision to walk away from you when it comes down to business. We are still friends but I don't know what to believe anymore because there are so many things running in my head now. If I have to choose, I'd choose the old than the new.

As much as conflicts and dramas strick, I thank God for friends like the Retardos. Like what Matthew says. A retard will only be friends with another retard. haha.. =p
We have gone through so many adventures together since the starting of this semester. Frankly, we're spending more time together because by the end of this year, the senior retardos' are leaving the juniors! huhuhu.. And i enjoy it very much eventhough i am sleep deprived! XD

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