Thursday, June 25, 2009

So i thought to myself

Today early morning at 8-ish..someone smsed me to bangun bangun...and called me wirawati somemore pulak..Ordered me to layout my katil or else full loreng..hehe..that's what happens in National Service(NS). After that the rest of my day seem to be connecting to my life at NS.

I had class today...explains the reason why i'm up early? hehe..we did brainstorming today in our Writing and Referencing somehow reminded me off the days that i went through in NS. This is because during ns days..we are suppose to do brainstorming everyday within our small groups during classes..aahhh..still remembered the jokes we shared..the people we annoyed..the noise!!! we made,the sarcasm that we would throw at each other..some of us were even sleeping and dozing off...i still remember the people..hehe..i won't say names around here..but still...we did our work too k!! ;) in the end we did pick up a thing or two that we could apply into our lives..

do you know that i walk to college everyday? under the hot sun...walawey..alone..huhu..nah aint that far oso lah..5 mins walk ny mah..nothing compared to NS..xda NS we had to walk even further than that..and all our activities are running or walking more than you can do..sometimes the running and walking leaves us all panting and dehydrated. still remember Navigasi time..water is desperately needed swey..comparing the distance of walking in NS and now to college...walking to college is a no prob for me liao..hehehe..think positive..exercise & build muscles..baeekkk punyee!! ;)

then i went to the photostat shop which is also a doby shop..there i saw the washing machines..the tons of clothes..the workers... *flashback!* in camp we can send our clothes(not our own clothes laa) to the doby..yeah there is doby in camp too ya noe..but they will have to send it to the kuala pilah doby then it will be delivered back the next day. i miss my doby!! as in the person in charge of the doby..we call her doby cuz duh..tats wat we want..hehe..but tat name only comes in when we wanna send our clothes..don't think i forgotten her kay!! her name is Sharmili...nice petite lil gal..hehe ;) i miss the excited feelin of getting my doby back...i miss the smell of the fresh shirt from the doby.. when i was at the photostat shop,i saw the amount of clothes that the workers had to go through..then i thought back...400 over trainees in our camp..and almost all of us sent our cholthes to the doby...walawey..wat a i feel kinda guilty for sending my clothes to the doby..hehe... ;)

then i went to 1u today..i bought myself a new watch...if u guys remembered..i had a purple colour watch that is till NS.i lost my watch in NS people!!! i loved that watch.. =( anyways,i had to have a watch..i MUST have a helps me keep track of time.i also wouldn't need to keep taking out my phone to check the time..when i think of my relates to volleyball..why? cause the reason i lost my watch was because of volleyball..i entered volleyball in camp for the competition against our companies..and ddaaayyymmmmnnnn...i took out my watch when game time and left my watch on the chair and forgot to tae the time i went back it was already gone!!! huhuhu..well just accept the fact ny was a free gift nyways..hehe...

I seem to be dancing everywhere i go..hehe..i entered performing arts in college. we are training hard for a performance this coming tuesday. it is like..train,train, person wrong..all over again..after the song is done..start again..the dance must be felt like deja vu..on the last night of NS we had to do performances..i was in the dance performance..and i can tell you that i have had never felt so stressed and tired before..i even had a breakdown ler~ hehe...well..i didn't have enough of sleep and we were training from like 1030am till 7pm then sometimes we would continue at night if there was time or if teacher allows ur to.we trained har dcause we only had one week to prepare an the practice time is insufficient due to some activities that we had to do..yeah one of it was kawad for our perbarisan tamat latihan on the last feet were killing..i couldn't even stand straight..wobbling like jelly..hehe..but it was..something worth remembering..the outcome was AWESOME!! ^.^V

for the night i just ate maggi i sat on my table..smeling the aroma of the cintan maggi..i started to smile...brings back memory of the meals we had in our dorm..NOTED:Dorm not camp k..each of us will have our own snacks and food so sometimes we would just gather around..each of us bring out what we have and we just start eating and gossiping! keke...but the most laris food there is maggi mee! even a 1-2 am..there would be some of us boiling water to cook home.. ^^

How much things that i am doing now,even a simple tiniest thing..can bring back a whole lot of memories in camp...
And i'm Glad it does.. =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Once In A Lifetime Experience! =)

I never knew that i would actually like it there and enjoyed myself till the extend that i didn't want to leave!! okay maybe not Didn't lah..but tak sanggup to leave lah. And i'll never forget it. what is this all about? i'm talking about Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) or in english... National Service (NS). i want to blog about my feelings and experience from the beginning till the end of the camp because i think that it is an experience that i should share with the all my friends.

As many of you may remember, at first i did not want to go for NS. i practically cried when the i got the sms saying "Tahniah!...." i mean like...Wth??!! At that time..i was going through a state of depression. lol..talking bout emo..well one of the reasons i didn't want to go was because i have my piano practical exam in july and i don't have the time to practice. other than that was because i am starting my college in march. Frankly the main reason was i didn't wanna go lah..hehe..cause away from home and friends and all i decided to do postponement.

ahh..i still remember the hassle i had to go through just to do that.i had to write a letter and send it to the JLKN located in KL. send as in..delivered it PERSONALLY at the office.but... i changed my mind. because i was actually arranged to be in the 3rd batch (am i THAT bad??? hehe) so i applied to be in the 2nd batch. who knew i got it..with my best friend somemore! at the same place somemore! it is a waste ryte not to go after all the trouble and knowing that you have someone there with then...our journey began..

"Ku dihantar ke Kem de Bana". that's one line of our camp song..and Kem De Bana is our camp's is located in Jempol,Negeri Sembilan. i'm sure many of you don't know where Jempol is ryteee... ;) well it is near Kuala Pilah and Bahau. One hour drive away from Kuala Pilah and half an hour away from Bahau. anyways my friend and i entered camp 5 days later cause she will be in China and we will be having our driving test on the 23rd march. so we arrived there with her family. we left early in the be exact..6a.m cause we are supposed to report by 9a.m.

Entrance to Kem De Bana..

Hello De Bana!

When we were about to reach out camp site..all i could think of was.. "Omg, i am going to be stuck in this ulu hutan place for 3 months?? Daammnnn!!!how i wish i never made the decision to come here" another thing was there wasn't line on the way. i was like...wth!!! that really ticked me off!! when we reached there we couldn't see any trainees or people...okay lah..few people only..then we were sent to the office for registration. going into camp is like entering the airport. you have to go through the "kastam"'ll check our bags before letting us into our dorms.. no sharp objects,no marker pens,no extension wires,no electrical devices,no cameras,no handphones...and the list goes on..after that we were sent to our dorms.thank god for my friend and i were in the same company(it is our group) but different dorm.well what the heck..we're only 3 steps away from each other..hehe..

Thats my dorm! Dorm G! =)

That's the kolam where we do our 'Swimming' and Kayak..

We were like aliens there..cause there was no one to escort us and the place was almost we were wandering around the place..well..wasting time actually..hehe..then we went to the pejabat operator to take our blankets,pillow case,matress case and our locker keys. after that we walked back to our dorm again *groan* to set up our beds. then....we were blur...we didn't know what to do we went out to find the teacher..on the way we saw an indian gurl and she was wearing the class uniform.she told us they were having class now and she said to change into that its back to the dorm again! after that we were sent to our first class..

ATTENTION: classes starts now! the class that we were sent to was CB4..i know the "CB" can mean something else to some of you ok..anyways..the full name is called Character Building class. this class is divided into 2 modules:

1. Menampilkan yang terbaik dalam diri sendiri.
2. Menampilkan yang terbaik dalam orang lain.

It is quite an interesting class and helpful this class.trainees are taught about moral values, confidence,well being of a person and etc. basically this class teaches you to respect yourself and others, to bring out the best in you so you can bring out the best in others. the activities may seem childish but it has a hidden meaning behind those activities. when the teachers explain the meaning of it i was like... "ooohhhh...that's a smart and an effective way to make students understand better". After class we did something but i couldn't remember what was it*oops* hehe...HOWEVER... one thing ticked me off on the first day. what? well,it was raining cats and dogs and wow wee...since i was right next to the back floor...was flooded!!! i was like OMG!!!!!! arrrggghhhh!!!! i had to mop and mop and mop....and mop!!! what a memory lah weih...haha..but when i think was kinda funny. =)

Our timetable..teacher updates it every night for the following day..

ahaa!! the place where we are tortured!!!! our padang kawad..the place where we are told to gather for every activity..imagine people...under the hot striking sun...walawey!!!! FYI:we have to gather 10 mins before every activity/class or else....
...this is what happens if we don't..Sungai Bana...the place where trainees are 'thrown' into..hehe..those who are late wil have to dip into the cool water of Sungai Bana..but not always lah.. ;)

Then there was the dinner and one of the things that i really liked there was the free time that we got. well,the free time that the indians and chinese got. its like this,we get free time from is because the malays have their prayers at that time.but when your enjoying your R&R time.time ust pass by so fast..then we have to gather at the dewan makan at 9p.m for anything that they prepared for us. the first few weeks were like mostly tayangan about the camp and of us will be fast asleep at that time..hehe..we will be at the dewan makan untill 10.30pm then there's roll call. it is something like we gather in our dorms respectevely or at the dewan. and the IC squad,which is our leader of our groups will count the number of their members and report to the Penghulu or Penghulu Wati which then will be reported to the teacher in charge.then the teacher will give us a briefing about tomorrow's activities and some or any of the problems around. after that it's ZZZzzzzzz time till the next day. Basically,we only have like 5-6 hours of sleep cause we have to get up early for our PT Pagi.

The counter where we get our food...for some reason..the wira's are more organised and well behaved when taking food..the wirawati's just dash in like a hungry pack of wolves.hmm..something wrong with this picture? hehe.. *wink*

This is the how the dewan makan looks like during Hari Keluarga on Sundays..

haha..some guys lepak-ing there..anyone familiar to you guys from camp? ;p

thats the stage...the place where we gather at night..we are suppose to move the tables and chairs away and arrange our chairs in a theatrical order and after that we are suppose to arrange them back again..some work huh...

FYI, we are seperated into 4 companies-Alpha,Bravo,Charlie and Delta. i belong to Delta!! i'm G24-my bed number..and btw..they call us by the name Wira for guys and Wirawati for's all for now...

Alpha Aragon

Bravo Raptors

Charlie Cobra

DELTA SPARTANS!!!! thats my company's flag.. so proud of it!! ^^ be continued....

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