Thursday, April 17, 2008

gone & lost...

i feel so sad...
i feel so weak...
i feel so hurt...
deep within..

four months it has been
yet i felt it was just yesterday
i have a scar in my heart
that forever will stay

tell me its not real
tell me its fake
tell me its a dream
that i'll soon awake

why did that happen?
why did he go??
how can he leave me???
here all alone..

i pray for you to stay
i pray for you to awake
i pray hard day and night
but it seems its all fake!

it feels like i've lost all hopes
i've lost all my dreams
i feel like giving up
cuz without you it all seems like shit

i wanna see you again
feel your warmth,kiss your face
i wanna hug you again,
hear your voice all again

i'm afraid of being alone
for i'll cry like i do now
i don't wanna weep no more
but it seems i can't

Forever i'll be sad
Forever you'll be gone
even if Forever i wish
you'll never return...

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