Sunday, September 21, 2014

Food Review: Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe

Just 2 weeks ago, the boyfie and I met up with our friend - Ivy to collect our invitation cards to her wedding reception. She suggested this bakery cafe in The School at Jaya One called Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe to meet up. The School is a new place, a very hipster hangout spot I feel. When we arrived, we were quite confused as to where Fuwa Fuwa is located as the directory board's information was not complete. For your information, Fuwa Fuwa is located on the 1st floor. As you go up the escalator to the first floor, it's located just behind you.

Somewhat like an L-shape, Fuwa Fuwa's interior design is very open with a modern minimalist touch. Natural light casted through the glass walls brightens up the whole place instantly. A perfect setting for pictures!

I like how it was spacious enough to allow people to sit wherever they like and still maintain their personal space. they have plug points available too! some are located just below the tables. They have small tables for small group meet ups and bigger tables for bigger groups. The small tables are abit too small if you're meeting up with your friends with laptops and ordering their meals. As there were 3 of us on one table, Ivy had her laptop opened and 2 of us ordered food for ourselves. It ran out of space! So we moved to a long table instead.

Perfect spot for a quiet time alone

Fuwa Fuwa has a variety of buns, bread and pastries and some of their names are pretty interesting. Among the few were Roly Poly Sausage, Captain Floss & Fuwa UFO . There was this one bread which caught my eye the first time I saw it (Love at first sight LOL), I forgotten the name but I do know that it was a pastry topped with onions and cheese, it smelt so good. I didn't try that as I was hungry and I wanted a meal! I would go back again to try their pastries as I am a huge fan of pastries! 

 They also have a selection of cakes, I am a big dessert kinda girl but I wasn't feeling dessert that day. So I passed on the cakes. I will want to try their Tender Tofu Cheesecake on my next trip to Fuwa Fuwa.

Onion Rings RM8.00

Okay, so being the onion fan that I am, We ordered the Onion Rings. I like how the batter wasn't too thick that it overpowers the onion. Although it wasn't covered in a thick batter, It was fried till crisp. However, I would prefer if their onion slices were thicker. The onion rings are best eaten with their House special Sauce. Their sauce looks like mustard and had a little taste like mustard. I wonder what's the concoction for the sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich RM12.00

Boyfriend ordered the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich. It arrived with lots of leafy on the sides. The crispy chicken slices remained tender and complemented the sauce. I dislike how some F&B outlets over cooks their chicken and it turns out very dry and uncomfortable to the throat. their leafs were fresh too! Boyfriend ordered their latte, but he pointed out that their foam is abit too little for cappuccino and ideally it should be thicker.

Tropical Chicken Chop RM 15.00

See what I mean about perfect picture setting??! Ahem.. anyway... I ordered the Tropical Chicken Chop. Like the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, it came with a side of salad. The chicken was accompanied by tomato sauce. 

 The chicken was lathered in tumeric and grilled till tender. The strongest flavour was the tumeric, but it should contain other spices and/or flavouring. I wished they had more tomato sauce though. The tomato sauce gave it a little Hainanese touch to the dish and of course a dish is not tropical without a pineapple to top it off right? I enjoyed my dish but wished that it was a bigger portion.

Creamy Mushroom Soup RM 9.00

Ivy ordered their mushroom soup which my senses tells me that it is delicious. It is indeed creamy as it states and according to Ivy, it is fresh unlike those that are possibly taken from a mushroom soup can. their garlic bread looks soft, with a crisp toasted surface. Smelled good too. We were informed that their mushroom soup is made from scratch, sounds like my type of mushroom soup!

If you foresee yourself visiting this cafe often, then be a Fuwa friend to receive members' benefits and privileges.

Also, one good news is that they have baking classes for little ones! They have 3 types of classes:
  1. Dough Play (Price: From RM45)
  2. Cupcake Craze (Price: From RM50)
  3. All About Cookies, (Price: From RM45)

The price includes materials and starter kit. They require a minimum 6 kids to start a class and a maximum 12 kids per class. The classes are held 2 hours per class and they have couple of classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Fuwa Fuwa has friendly and helpful staffs to attend to your needs. They helped recommended the food and drinks as we took some time to decide our meals. With helpful and friendly staffs, I'm sure the kids will enjoy themselves during the classes too. They also do kids parties whereby guests are able to bake their own cookies and cupcakes which they can bring it home!

Head on to their Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe Facebook Page to check out photos of their kids classes and parties. Looks like fun! You could call them up to ask for the time slots or you could drop by their bakery to check it out yourselves.

As their tagline goes "Have a Fluffy Day!"

Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe
100-1.37 & 100-1.41, The School, Block J, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 10 am - 7 pm (Mon - Sat)
Tel: +603-7491 4866/016-217 5297


Monday, September 15, 2014

First experience at rock climbing @ Bolder Ventures Climbing Gym

So a few months back, the boyfriend and I decided that we should do something different for outr monthniversary rather than the usual dinner + movie kinda dates. We wanted to go for rock climbing since our uni days as there is a rock climbing wall there but we never did set our mind to do it. So we figured, okay let's (finally) go for rock climbing this time.

I remembered that my friend's family owns a Rock Climbing Gym and so we went!

Bolder Ventures is located at USJ 1/2, the area just behind Summit hotel. The direction was really straight forward and easy to find. It is not as big as Camp 5 of course. It is a small rock climbing centre equip with the necessary items for people to climb which was good enough for us. Well the main purpose of us being there is to climb right.

An area where guests can take a breather, chill while watching TV.

The entrance fee for everyday rates are RM30/Adult and RM25/Student including rental of gears for the whole day. Very worth it! If you have the whole day, just go ahead and climb all you want. They have membership rates as well.

Yeah I noticed the notice and I wanted my act of noticing for everyone to notice it too. Confused?

Looks really intimidating at first sight for a newbie but really pumped up to try it out. So off we went to gear up!

Warm up first, to get a hang of climbing and to loosen those joints as well before we pick our routes.

My Turn!

This was one of the trickiest one for that day, as the gap between one to the next was quite far and being short limbs doesn't help either. Hehe. But I made it to the top, I was so proud of myself! *Pats own head*

We proceeded to bouldering after we had enough of climbing. Our friend showed us how it was done, and he made it look so effortless. Of course it isn't easy as it looks. We could climb but it was hard hanging onto from the top. 

Then it was our turn to have a go. Don't be intimidated by the stick that he's holding. It was used to point out which holds we should go for next. Don't worry, no climbers were harm in the process of bouldering. ;)

I got stuck! Because I went up too high.. LOL

My friend told me relax, don't pull myself. So the picture above is no-no.

He said, straighten your arms and climb higher, use your legs!! But still learning how to function my legs here. Haha.. I got to the top but I wasn't high enough and didn't had the strength to hang on, so I plopped onto the mattress.

We enjoyed our first climb at Bolder Ventures! I love this place as it is quiet and there's enough of space for us to climb and do stupid stuff. Hehe. I went back again a few weeks ago together with a bunch of my friends (Pictures taken from my friend). Hope that they enjoyed themselves as much as I did. :)

For some of them who were first timers, they did a good job and managed to reach the top! So proud of Ivy that she manage to reach the top despite her fear of heights.

One for the album!

Or two... ;)

Here's a video of me rock climbing while all of us sounds like chipmunks on crack because I sped up the video.

For more adventures, head on to Bolder Ventures to find out more!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chiang Mai, Thailand Day 1: Nimmanhaemin Road & Anusarn Market

Rewind to 9 months back, I went for a year-end trip to Chiang Mai with the boyfie's family. Chiang Mai's climate during December is winter and they figured that it should be the perfect weather and destination for a holiday. It doesn't but it is the cool season and it can get really cold and chilly especially from evening onwards. so if you're planning on visiting Chiang Mai during this time of the year, it would be wise to bring winter clothings, but don't forget your summer clothes as well, as the temperature during mid-day is quite warm.

Flight to Chiang Mai takes approximately 3 hours 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, which is not too bad. 

It would be great of you have a companion who speaks Thai or if you do speak Thai, it helps alot. Else you would have a hard time understanding each other. The sun was bright, the air was not cold but it was cooling. I thought it's just like the Highlands, so it's still bearable. After we have passed the customs, we were given local mobile numbers for FREE. Yes you read it right. Free of charge. They have Sim cards for different mobile phones but if they run out of the Sim card for your type of mobile phone then I guess you're just out of luck. All we had to do was head on to 7-Eleven, top up our Sim card and activate it. That's it! How very convenient!

After that, we proceeded to get a cab to our hotel. Instead of the modern cab we decided that we would sit the Songthaew which literally translates to "two rows". It has two benches fixed along either side of the back of the truck with a roof over it. There is a platform attached to the rear of the truck to accommodate standing passengers (max of 2-3) and are usually in red. Below are pictures of how a Songthaew looks like.

This picture of a more modern and sleeker looking Songthaew was taken from one of our trips up the mountains. But it basically looks like this.

Beware when taking transportation in Chiang Mai in general, as they are more likely to hike up the price because they know that you're not local. If I am not mistaken they charge about 20 Baht per person to any destination. Some may charge more but some may be at a reasonable price. You can try to negotiate with them for a lower price, but I believe it would be more effective if it is negotiated in Thai. 

This is a new Songthaew, even the seats' plastic protector are still in tact.

Onto the Songthaew we went, and it was really chilly! Because the windows were opened and there are no back doors. It took approximately 20 minutes for us to get to our hotel because there was traffic but it takes about 10 minutes without traffic to get to the hotel. We stay on the busy street of Nimmanhaemin Road. There are cafes aplenty, bars and bistros, food stalls, Spas and also convenient stores. The roads are packed with cars especially during rush hour.

Our hotel was booked from Agoda thanks to the boyfie's sister. It was out of our expectation when we arrived at the Yantarasri Resort. It was beautiful! 

Entrance to the resort

Upon our arrival we were greeted with friendly staffs. We were welcomed with warm ginger tea as well. The reception is a very cosy place with a Christmas Tree in the lounging area as it was the day after Christmas when we arrived. After we've checked in and gotten our keys, we were led by the staff and concierge to our rooms.

This is how the resort looks like, surrounded with lush greeneries. If the picture is too small, you can click on it to expand it for a better look. Our rooms were located on the first floor, next to each other. The rooms were spacious and has lots of space to put our stuff by that I mean including shopping items as well. Hehe. 

Their dressing table/work table comes with compartments which has covers, loved the design of the furniture! We took the twin beds whilst his parents took the king sized beds, but the room space were the same.

Each rooms has a balcony with a rest chair, and some of the balconies are connected which you are able to open up the walls which leads to the next room. You could request with the resort for connecting balconies/rooms. 

The winter season is the perfect weather to chill in the balcony. You are hugged with a light warmth from the sun but the breeze was chilly. I was tempted to jump into the pool, being adventurous and all but it was too cold for me to handle! Such a pity that I didn't to enjoy the pool.

The view from our room!

The Resort offers Spa services as well. We were looking forward for the massage the most as it was at an affordable price as compared to the ones in Malaysia, and so we booked sessions for us at night. They have a list of the Spa services they offer which is placed on the bedside table.

After we've settled in, we were off to grab some grub and at the same time to look around to see what's there around our area. We found this spot where this square area has a few F&B shops around it. It gets even more happening at night!

Such a beautiful entrance to the square area. It's even more beautiful at night.

I feel that their decorations simple, some are DIY-ed but are even more beautiful than those of we find here in Malaysia.

An eco-friendly Christmas tree!

This is one of the pubs and bistros around the area

You'll never go hungry as there are many food stalls by the roadside

Well if you don't have data, be sure to grab a map! It will be very helpful to get you around in Chiang Mai. We planned to head on to the Anusarn Night Bazaar in Mueang Chiang Mai District but before that, we were deciding where to go by looking at the map and matching it to the street names. We were hungry so we decided to walk around until we came across a decent place to eat. We walked a little, and we found this restaurant in one of the many alleys. We thought okay let's just have something here before we head to town for the night bazaar.

The restaurant is spacious, with an open wall concept. There are plenty of choices on the menu, as for a Thailand noobie like me, I had a hard time deciding what do I want because I have never travelled to Thailand before other than the once in a blue moon visits to Sungai Golok for lunch/dinner.

Salad topped with fried pork skin and some other pork meat

"Khao Pad Sapparot" aka Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

This had meat floss on top of it, which was interesting. Though, I prefer the Pineapple Fried Rice from Absolute Thai in Malaysia.

"Kao Klook Gapi" aka Thai Belacan Fried Rice

The first time I tried Kao Klook Gapi was when I visited Sungai Golok. I really loved it! As for this one in Khun Mor, the taste wasn't as aromatic as the one I tried in Sungai Golok. This one felt more modern and the ingredients were pretty simple, plus there were only 8 shrimps *gasp*. But the condiments on the side such as the pork sausages and the crispy pork skin made up for it.

"Khao Soi"

I didn't know how to judge the quality of this at that point as I have never eaten it before. They are hand cut rice or egg noodles, soaked in curry soup base with coconut milk. Yes, it tastes like curry noodles minus the Indian spices. It's also lightly sourish because you are supposed to squeeze lime into this dish.

It comes with condiments on the side to add more taste to the dish.

After our lunch, we headed off to catch a Song Thaew to get to Anusarn Night Market. The night market in Thailand is super big and long. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes because there will be alot of walking. There are alot of items to see and of course it was packed with people. There are the usual items sold in a night market i.e. food, clothing, shoes, music, handicrafts, gifts, souvenirs and etc.

Walking for about approximately 2 hours, we were pretty famished. We walked around looking for a place to eat, when we came across this Seafood Restaurant which was really crowded. All tables were occupied and we had a hard time getting the waiters' attention. There are some downside to the service due to the crowd but thank God the food made up for it. While we were waiting for our food to be served we saw some cabaret performers which is located just down the road from the restaurant. You can pay a visit to experience their cabaret performance if you're interested.

Stir fried Kang Kung with Garlic and Chilli

The stir fried Kang Kung was simple but the Kang Kung was smooth and silky with a hit of spiciness from the Chilli Padi. The grilled snail wasn't my type of food. I had a hard time getting out the flesh, shows how much I love eating them huh.

Me thinks it's Grilled Snail or in Malay "Bakar" Snail

Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Please do order something soupy and spicy to keep yourself warm during the winter. It felt so comfortable! It felt like a bittersweet moment as the soup was filled with flavours of the seafood but with a tang of sourness and warmth coming from the soup and the chilli. It was actually refreshing despite the spiciness. We did order alot of seafood, because the next dish was grilled squid. Simple but full of flavour. The squid was very fresh and grilled to the perfect condition.

Grilled Squid

Stir Fried Minced Pork with Basil

The stir friend minced pork is filled with Basil leaves, just look at it!! The minced pork was stir fried with a plate full of basil leaves, onions, chopped chilli and some garlic. It is served together with a side of raw vegetables. This dish was quite spicy for me. I couldn't take alot of it.

Sizzling Plate O-Jian

I think that Chinese people do love their O-Jian (Oyster Egg Omelette), or maybe it's just the people I meet. Haha. The sizzling plate of O-Jian was served on a sizzling plate, but not very sizzling. Makes sense? The egg batter was gooey and the plate was full of Oysters, big big, Oysters. The oysters dominated the whole plate with the egg filling up what's left of the little empty spaces in between one Oyster to the other.

Fried Rice

I love the simplicity of fried rice as you see in the picture above. The perfect fried rice to me is fried with egg, some salt, pepper and at times with prawns or even mixed vegetables, topped with chopped spring onions. Plain but pleasant.

"Goong Ob Woon Sen" aka Thai Baked Shrimp with Glass Noodles

This next dish was my dish of the night! The prawn juice seeped into the stringy noodles and had a taste of cooking wine. Tantalizing indeed, I could order one bowl and finish it myself! There are about 4 prawns in this bowl of noodles.

After a hearty dinner, we walked about in the night market to see if there are anything interesting to see eat. Just outside the restaurant was this stall that was selling Rotee. Rotee is basically Roti Canai. Rotee in Thailand has some sweet and savoury filling to it.

The boyfie ordered Rotee with Banana. I go bananas for anything bananas (especially grilled bananas). This was so delicious!

The Rotee has a slightly crispy outside with gooey, soft bananas which was then drizzled with condensed milk. Yes I would go for a second plate of this!

Rotee with Banana for 25 Baht (RM 2.50)

The next dessert we had was Coconut Ice Cream which comes with one free fresh coconut juice for only 40 Baht (RM 4). Some might think that it's expensive but it's not! The one sold in Setia Alam night market in Malaysia is so not worth the price.

Even the plus point as we were served by a cute friendly boy ;)

It was one big scoop of the coconut ice cream, with a generous amount of condiments. The ice cream had a smoother texture, rather than an icy crust. I could smell and taste the coconut even with all the condiments.

Coconut Ice Cream for 40 Baht (RM 4)

We decided that it was time to head back as we were out for quite a while and we had to make it back for our massage appointment!

What's up in my next post for Chiang Mai: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Bhubing Palace and Hmong Hill Tribal Village.

Check It Out!

Yantarasri Resort
24/17 Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 6,
Tambol Suthep,
Amphur Muang Chiang Mai 50300,

Khun Mor Cuisine
10/1 Nimmanhaemin Soi 17,
Nimmanhaemin Road
Chiang Mai 50200,

Opens 8.30 am - 10pm

Anusarn Market
149/24, 149/27-28 Chang Khlan Road,
Chiang Mai,

Opens daily 5pm till midnight

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