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Movie Review: We're the Millers - Churp Churp Premiere Screening

We're the Millers is an action-comedy movie. It focuses on David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) a small-time drug dealer with no family who takes on a bigger job from his boss, Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) to clear his debt which he lost from a robbery. David must now become a big-time drug dealer smuggler by bringing in Brad's shipment from Mexico. In order to get pass the police and border guards without raising any suspicions, David devices a plan to have a holiday with his non-existing family. Hence, he recruits debt-swarmed neighbour and stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), wannabe customer neighbour Kenny (Will Poulter), runaway pierced-skin Casey (Emma Roberts) to pose as a family to get to and back from the Mexican border.

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All thanks to ChurpChurp, I went for the premiere of this movie with lower expectations as I had the mindset that movies that Jennifer Aniston acted in were usually... not so much of a hit. Also because it is a full-on comedy with parts of action here and there, I had the feeling that it may just be another comedy movie with the usual jokes and same plot. Well it proved me wrong actually! I expected the movie have the conventions of any other comedy movies, while that is partly true, one thing was that the jokes came out naturally unlike some comedies that I have watched which I find the jokes came off unnatural. Bear in mind that the jokes and some scenes can be implicit or explicitly X-Rated, well there are alot of X-Rated remarks in the movie. So, kids, stay away!

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This movie in a way serves as an ideological purpose when David decides to form a family, hence the typical American family is portrayed. It shows us the stereotypes of a typical American family or in general what should a family be like and how they should behave as a family. for instance, rose who is a stripper has to revamp herself to look more mother like: sensible shoes, modest dressing and pretending to have mother-like qualities. It deals with the troubled teen and shows the typical dilemmas that teens go through these days i.e. boy-girl relationships, rebelliousness, struggle with their sense of identity etc. which are quite stereotypical so to say but it is these themes that relates to the audience and would sell.

From Stripper...
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To mommy dearest.
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One thing which i find was totally off was the ending of the movie. The way that all four of them just decided to stick together as a family to continue to run the drug dealing business. I find that quite unrealistic. what happened to Casey's family? Won't they come looking for her? What about Kenny? Where is his mom? That was the only thing that I felt was left hanging. I thought that Casey would return to her family and Kenny would end up with Melissa (Molly Quinn) somewhere and Rose and David would end up getting married. so, the ending was a lil' off for me.

This 2-hours hilarious movie left viewers laughing throughout the whole movie even as they were leaving the cinema hall. Not all parts of the movie is funny as there were some sentimental scenes as along the way, they got to learn more about each other and start to care for each other as a family. The plot is as it is, predictable of a typical Hollywood movie, good rules over evil with a happy ending. Even though it is X-Rated, but it still maintains the conventional codes and moral values of a comedy family oriented movie. I would give this movie a 7/10 and would suggest for you to go watch it when it hits the cinema! Relax, release all those tension that you have been having for the past week and catch the movie as it hits the cinema on 29th August 2013.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Perth, Australia 4.0 - Graduation & (more) Food

So, ladies and gentleman, this shall be my final post of a very overdue Australia trip from February 2013. *Phew* This post will be about my last 2 days in Perth, which as the title suggests - Jackie's graduation more foodie trips! Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop is located in Maylands, Perth. We were told by Jackie that this Red Velvet cupcake the best ever so far among all that he has tried before.

Red Velvet Cupcake

 Banana Caramel Cupcake

 Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake

I ordered a cappucino. I find that the coffee was so-so, still prefer the one at Fremantle harbour! Haha. The Red Velvet was a delicious one indeed! It is different from the ones that I have tasted in Malaysia. The cake is soft and moist. It has a little bitter taste to it, not so much of sweet. Actually... it doesn't have any sweetness to the cake. I was wondering if they really made it from beet root rather than from colouring. The reason why there is no sweetness in their cake is because of their cream. Their cream is not of those that is buttery and soft cream but it is more of real icing. The icing by itself is rather sweet for my liking but it complements the cake when you eat it together. They have other cakes too as you can see in the picture. But I find that  the Banana Caramel and the Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake lack in comparison to the Red Velvet. After some coffee and cake, we went to Northbridge, in Perth city for Dim Sum and also to get Corica's Apple Strudel!

Pineapple bun

Bun bump!

Dim Sum, was not bad, quite authentic. I loved the pineapple bun. There was a specific name to it but i forgot what was it! haha... Their buns were soft and it was filled fully with the pineapple filling! Imagine McDonald's Apple pie filling but better and less artificial. 

I wished i bought more than one Apple Strudel. XD We took this photo of the Apple Strudel only after we reached home. It may look kind of unappetizing in this picture but thou shall not be deceived! The apple Strudel was magnifique! It wasn't too heavy on the whipped cream. Very generous with the Apple filling and the crust was still crisp even after that 5 hours flight from Perth to Malaysia! But only thing was that the strudel deflated. It was as big and tall as the box itself. As you can see in the picture, it shrunk almost half of its original size. probably because we bought the strudel 2 days before we left for Malaysia.

After a hearty breakfast, we went back to Murdoch campus to rest for awhile and then went off with Jackie to collect his robe. One of the purpose of my trip there was to be Jackie's photographer after he got his graduation robe. few of our other friends were graduating as well so we took the chance to take some pictures with them too. Minus the scorching sun, the lighting was perfect for an outdoor photo shoot and natural indoor lighting from the sun. Below are a few of the highlights of the day and some are my favourite. :)


Ivy's a pro in this by that time. XD

Candid are the best picture. :)

Family shot! We were his "parents" for this graduation since his parents couldn't make it. XD

After our photoshoot, we had to get ready for the graduation ceremony. It was outdoor but thankfully it was held at night so it wasn't hot or warm. It was quite cooling actually. After the ceremony was over, we had a light dinner which was provided. I like the idea of an outdoor ceremony, it is less formal and less stuffy. Probably wouldn't work in a Tropical country like Malaysia though as halfway through the ceremony the guests might end up feeling sweaty and sticky due to the humid weather. After the ceremony, we went to the casino just to have some fun and to look-see, look-see. ;)

Graduation boy!! Everyone wanted a photo with him.


The graduation venue.

 We couldn't take any pictures in front so I had to take this shot from the screen. hehe. Congrats Jackie!

Dinner. Looks sad but it was enough because it ended around 10-ish.

Jackie and Ivy flew back to Malaysia the next day because Jackie had to fly to another destination for a family trip. Kuok Sing and I stayed back for another day to explore around Fremantle town. It was a slow day as we took our time to walk around town just enjoying the view and the food. We went back to Kailis' and this time we decided to try something different. I forgot the name of my order but mine includes two prawns, scallops, calamari rings, one fish and chips. Boyfriend tried the Fish and Chips ice cream. The taste was familiar but hard to make out. I figured out what it tasted like after a while.. But I wouldn't want to spoil the fun for you. Try it when you are there! ;)

After brunch, we went to the Western Australia Museum Shipwreck Galleries. Australia has plentiful of museums which entry is free of charge. Why waste the opportunity right? This Shipwreck gallery opens daily from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Below are a few pictures of what's inside the museum. Very historical and educational. I got this coin from the museum which you can actually collect from various tourist spots in Perth. I only found out about this when I saw the coin dispensing machine in the museum. Engraved on the coin is the name of the place you visited and an icon that represents that place. Keep an eye out for these dispensing machines! A great souvenir for yourself to keep in a coin book!

Since I was absent on the first day of Perth, le boyfriend decided to bring me to Jus Burgers in Fremantle market. Burger was huge, juicy and wholesome! The bread was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I ordered the Pommy Burger which is beef and boyfriend ordered the Pancetta Chicken burger which has a Hawaiian twist to it because of the pineapple. haha... They have vegetarian meals as well and for the more adventurous, you can go for the Kangaroo meat burger. :/

Pommy Burger

Pancetta Chicken

It's so good that it deserves two pictures. Wtf.

He then took me to Cold Rock Ice Creamery. In Malaysia it's called Teppanyaki ice cream. :/ Anyways, it is basically mashing and mixing the condiments and fruits of your choice into your selected ice cream on a cold metal piece. Imagining that you are adding raisins and chocolate chunks into bread dough and you will have to knead the dough to evenly mix the raisins and the chocolate chunks into the dough. Yeah, something like that. I chose gummy bears and raspberries. When I was almost done with my ice cream, and the ice cream melted, it looked like a gummy bear massacre. :/

Before :D

 After :O

RIP Gummy Bears...

Well, that basically sums up the highlight of my Perth Trip. *wipes sweat*. Overall I had a great time there, we were glad that we got to experience a little bit of some Winter wind and Summer sun, I hope the next time when I go back there, it would be Autumn or Spring. This trip has been adventurous, food-gasmic, educational and relaxing (minus the 5 hour flight). I'm taking the premium seat with the adjustable seats the next time I take a night/midnight more than 5 hours flight to wherever. If you read my first entry on my travel to Perth, I was very tired when I touched down. Slept in the car on the way to Caversham.


I would love to indulge in a few food that I tried but I would love to try something else too. If you'd ask me which is my favourite activity during the trip? I would say Rottnest Island. :D If you would like to read on my experience there you can click here . But most of all, it is the company of friends and loved ones that makes a difference to the whole trip! I hope to see a different side of Perth should I plan for a trip there again. :D

My favourite shot of us during the interval break during the indoor graduation photoshoot. :p

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