Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just the boost i need

I was working on one of my assignments today and as i am writing this i am actually taking a break from it just to write this post.

The questions are so confusing and sometimes can me a brain twister (ugh). As i was halfway through my assignment I felt like just crawling to bed to sleep but knowing my conscious superego is telling me its not right and thus started to feel guilty about it (sigh). So happen i was chatting with my long-time friend and telling her that I am stuck in between sleeping but fighting to (hopefully) finish the assignment.

She just told me "Fight It, You can do it".

Little did I know, I had the motivation to tell myself to AT LEAST finish 95% of it. A little boost with the right words can make you push through your limits even if it is just a simple sentence. :)

Thank You Ee Vonn!

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