Sunday, June 20, 2010

I know you are looking from above

I failed & achieved
I pursued & persevered
I cried & laughed
I was taken for granted & stood my own ground
I was dependent & now independent
I was naive & now am wiser
I was fragile & now I am stronger

I am continuing to reach greater heights,
Achieving my dreams and making it a reality.
As far as I have come in my life,
I hope I made you proud papa.
I Miss You.
I Love You.

Happy Father's Day. =')

The Daughter of a Great Father,

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Post Dedicated to YOU! =)

We can't meet every people in this world. We can't personally get to know everyone in this world and be best of all friends. There is so limited time for us that sometimes the people that pass by us, we are not aware that they might be one of our best friends or friends worth to be kept for long.

Recently, well not so recently but this year, but we actually met one another once in a while through friends like Brandon, Sabby and Matthew but we never gave a shit about knowing each other better, I met this guy. At first sight(well of course at first sight) it is very hard to miss him. I mean like, how tall is he? I'm only till his chest. Short, I know. He is big (not fat ok ;p). He looked kinda like a tough guy to me but honestly, he's a real gentle guy inside and out.

Honestly, you looked very Smart..haha..Well, you ARE smart okay!! You are literate, good in debating too, talking especially...In Many ways that you never know! This fells here, brought the world of Counter Strike to me. CS seriously brought us really close together and we spend much more time than usual. Dinner, lunch if possible, definitely Choy Kee mamak and of course CS. Afterall what is CS without him? ;)

Bet you're gonna miss Choy Kee's Roti Canai with Dhal...Nasi Goreng Vegetarian plus cili padi dalam soya souce asing dengan telur atas...Yu Yiee's Mix Vegetables rice...Teh Tarik...Blitzone...How can you not forget KDU College? heheee..Oh yeah..Hope you'll miss the cockroaches here too!!! Cause I bet they'll miss scaring you. haha..If only you were as courageous as you are in CS.

I'll remember the way you jumped and freak over a tiny weeny cockroach but yet, you don't want to kill it? (thats just so cute ;p) The way you laugh which is sooo different from others in a way...The way you do that sound when you get satisfaction...You and your compasison for animals and always saying "Animal Cruelty" when you see someone eating meat. The way you would laugh especially when you do something that is so amazing to you. The way those vulgar words come out of your mouth like its a norm to you..hahaha... Not forgetting all those debates whenever we go out for mamak, talking about issues such as religion to ghosts to politics and all those random stuff that would just come out of randomness.

It would have been awesome if I known you like longer. To get to know you better instead of these few months only we started to memahami each other. But its better than not knowing you at all right? ;) You're an AWESOME person to be with, to play with, to talk to! Somehow, you always make the people around you laugh and smile. =) I'm really glad we crossed paths and we manage to spend time together these few months. Getting to know you is like one of God's Blessing to me. I've learn alot from you and I hope to learn more! I may not be close to you to know the inside out of you, but still we're almost there and if we have fate, we'll get to know each other more... ;)

I'm writing this while you're on your 7 hours train back to Penang. I'll pray that you have a safe trip home. It has been my pleasure that we get to know each other. I will be missing you very very da damn kao kao much laa, even now! =(  I think it applies not to me only but everyone of us who basically knows you. Hmmm...Looking forward to see you next week! Hopefully...we'll have time to catch up and probably have another round of CS!! ;p 

Remember just now when you ask me what does the definition of close friend mean?

Well, close friend is when they share a bond between each other, getting excited when you know that you are going to see each other, spending time together even it is only a cup of Ais Kosong at a mamak stall, being able to talk crap and  not care about what crap it is as long as you're talking crap, always there to annoy you and scare you and not forgetting to share your laughter with you, randomly kacau-ing you for just the sake of randomness, being able to share your ups and downs, doesn't care what background you're from all you care is just the quality time spent with each other.

A Big Thank You for EVERYTHING!!! Love ya lotz!!!! *Bear Hug*

CHULAN, The friend who I never regret knowing and befriending. =)
You ARE the Friend that IS WORTH keeping.

With Lotsa Love!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just A Random Thought

It's not wrong to like someone that doesn't like you in return.
Sure there will be disappointments, frustration, rejections, jealousy, etc..
But, still, you don't need to be together if you like someone..
You can like a person but not being together as a couple.
I don't see harm in that.
It's just that it is a one side thing for the person.
Some people might disagree with me..
But for me, i'm okay with that.
As long we're still friends,
As long we can still have fun with each other.
As long as the person is happy.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Malam Seribu Mimpi ( Night of a Thousand Dreams)

KDU College Mass Communication Public Relation class students of March 2010 in collaboration with Children's Wish Society of Malaysia (CWS) are organizing a Prom Night Charity Dinner. We, the Dreamakers are doing a Corporate Social Responsibility event for our Public Relations class. We are called the Dreamakers as we are the ones spearheading this class and this event in contributing in fulfilling the children's dreams.


In tune with the Children's Wish Society's (CWS)' mission to bring the dreams of the misfortuned children to light, Malam Seribu Mimpi (MSM) aims to raise awareness and funds for the CWS foundation primarily through ticket sales and the contributions from its guests. Most importantly MSM is a channel for our students to creatively explore, execute and coordinate events with meaning that advocates their community and develops them into better citizens. Not deviating from its core purpose MSM like any other cause driven event; aims to raise awareness and funds for the CWS foundation primarily through ticket sales and the contributions of its guests. Most importantly MSM is a channel for our students to creatively explore, execute and coordinate events with meaning that advocates their community and develops them into better citizens.

OUR BENEFICIARY - Children's Wish Society


The CWS Foundation core principle is targeted towards granting children who suffer from terminal illnesses one wish – a wish that they hope can grant them reprieve from their burden. Driven by passion to fulfill these promises, the CWS Foundation works tirelessly towards raising awareness and funds generated through various events and donations from the public.

"Aimed at raising awareness on the plight of the unfortunate children around us who face hardship, pain and the prospect of not being able to fight the illness that has afflicted them, CWS Malaysia embarked on a mission to raise the necessary public funds to help bring a spark of light in the darkest hour of a child’s life." (

CWS cannot do this alone that is why we need as much support possible to make this event happen, to be a success. This event is not only for KDU students but is also open to public.
We need YOUR participation, YOUR support, YOUR help.
The tickets money collected will partially be for CWS to aid them as they go around fulfilling children's wishes. It is just for one night only, and for this one night, you are able to relive your dreams in which ever way you like. Let us join hands to help these children. Don't make them disappointed because it is one last wish that they hope for to come true. Malam Seribu Mimpi will be held at the following details:

Date: 1st July 2010
Time: 6.30pm-11pm (Thursday)
Venue: The Vintage Ballroom, Holiday Villa, Subang
Ticket Price: RM100 for early birds promotion.
Dress Code: Fabulously Glamorous!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me or you can check us out at our facebook page - Malam Seribu Mimpi
Here is a short video about CWS made by our very own Dreamakers. Enjoy! ;)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Yes, You Make It Downside Up

Nothing feels better than seeing the people I care and love being happy.
It feels awesome to see their Smiles.
To hear their Laughters.
I like seeing people happy.
It instantly turns my downside up.
Because if they are happy, I am Happy..
Same goes to You..
If You are happy, So am I. =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Fly FM CY Prank

That day I blogged about working for WWF at Youth 10' and... Well, one thing that I kept it as a secret was I signed Ms Teh Chin yin up for and alarm call from Fly fm. Can't remember much but in the description of friend I wrote something like...

"A girl who is actually pretty and cute but actually doesn't like people calling her pretty and cute. She is active, loves cute animals and likes dancing. She has performed a few times such as the latest one at the Earth Hour at Sunway Pyramid. So maybe you could prank her about her getting in to some dancing academy school."

I actually totally forgot about it till today they called me up first as they thought that it was CY's number. That person spoke with an accent and with a very strong accent. Then they called CY.

1. They asked her if she had watched Glee before and started asking about Glee.
2. Then they asked her whether she would be interested to dance for Glee and asked her to come for audition.
3. Earlier they told her that they're from some UK/Australia Dance Academy or something? and said if she were to dance for them, they will pay a total of 2k per week. (she was estatic by this point of time) XD
4. They said if she agree to come for the audition and take part in this, there were 2 conditions:
         a. She cannot go near dogs as their elephants doesn't like dogs.
         b. She has to bathe with fishes as she will be acting with dolphines so she has to smell like them.

5. After she said ok, they even asked her to repeat what they just told her. (So yeah, if it were you, you would have been laughing too if you were hearing a person saying that! hehehehe)
6.Then they ask whether she knows what is a 3 piece swim suit and she said yes and her description was:

"yeah I know one for the top another for the bottom and one more to cover the bottom right"
(which she actually meant the cap and corrected it after the DJ said the swimming cap!)

the DJ laughed and said:
"oh Chin Yin, you make me laugh. Then do you know where to get this 3 piece swim suit in pinkish and bluish? As we want you to match with our elephants"

CY answered:
" I should be able to get it around my place cause i'm near to one utama so there should be pinkish and bluish"

DJ replied:
"you know what, you can actually get the 3-piece swim suit at Fly fm"

CY somemore boley reply:
"oh okay...then if i go there can i bring my friend Khoo Hsieh June along?

DJ burst out in laughter and says:
"Chin Yin, this is an Alarm call by Fly fm."

"WHAT THE HELL!!! (continuously repeating it and bursts out in laughter and face turns red) Who gave you my number??"

DJ reveales the secret saying that:
"Its your friend Khoo Hsieh June. Happy Birthday!!! From the Chum Ee Vonn, The Tard Family and Crazy Gang."

CY: "okay thank you!" and dealt with me after that.

Thanks to Fly fm! Another Birthday surprise for CY! muahahahha..

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm a Survivor

I have lived for 19 years
Gone through all sorts of paths in life
Gone through multiple emotions
Happiness, Sadness, Sorrow, Anger, Ignorance, Shamefulness etc.
For that I know that there are other things that cuts deeper into the heart
I realized I am much stronger than I thought I could be..
I don't let some things take over my that easily because I know that it is not worth it
It's not that I don't care about it.
I just don't let it affect my other duties
Because I know there's a fine line between different aspects in life
And I know that I am bound to face even more harder obstacles in the future
So somethings good and bad, to me are just to be learnt of
Told ya i'll jump back real quick


'Jesus loves me this I know'
'When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are Family happinesses.'
'Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief'

Its because of these people
I know what I should do
I know they deserve to be happy
I know they shouldn't share my sadness and sorrow.
So not OK will also be OK for me lah
For Myself and for them all
I Smile 
I Laugh
I am Me

Life is colorful and has soo much to offer

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