Sunday, April 25, 2010

PD Trip Report

I was soo happy that i went back PD during the weekends.
Had an awesome, sweaty, fun, crazy time with my buddies there! =D
See~ even my two precious babies greeted me with enthusiasm! ^^

The manja one - TumTum (I know..what a name right) XD

The cute one - Lucky

Okay, so basically Friday wasn't such a good night. I had my worst nightmares all come together.I shall reveal my secret right here, right now..
My greatest fear is Lightning and Thunder especially at night and when i'm in the dark.
Guess what...I was all alone in my big empty house and it was raining cats and dogs outside with thunder and lightning laa..That was acceptable as i confined myself in my room playing games and listening to music.
Gosh! I stunned for a moment there. I could literally hear my heart thumping in my ears.
Chilled down as i took my phone and walked with the torch light to downstairs.
On the electric thingy twice and the third time it failed me. It didn't want to open back.
To top that i called my mom and sister few times..didn't asnwer me oso..ish~ after few times baru answer me pulak.. >.<
I palat ady so i just sat at the corner downstairs and waited till the rain calm down.
Honestly, I was damn scared. So i did what was best...I Prayed! and I Felt so much better after that man! ^^
After that, it just lighted up like a lightbulb...I felt so stupid actually cause the trick to get the power back on was to off all switch before the thingy trip. I did that after like one hour. Stoning in darkness like psycho somemore. XD

Okay so the best part happened on Saturday.Hehehe..
Woke up at 7am and Jin Swan picked me up at 8am & met CY there.
Tanjung Tuan here we come! ^^

Thanx Jin for driving us there! =)

Dah sampai!!

First picture of us.

Welcome to Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse! ^^
We had to climb the stairs to get up there but you can't actually enter.

Jin: Hey look! Lighthouse weih!
Me: ahaaaaaa~ i seeeee~

We had to go through the jungle kinda like jungle trekking lol..What a day..improper dressing!
Slippers and flats..but Jin Swan came prepared with sports shoes!!
I donated blood to the mosquitoes of the Hutan Rekreasi on the way there.
We had to walk almost half an hour going through 45 degree steps to get to the beach..
But it was all worth it because....


I wouldn't mind coming back here again! ^^

As usual the two Tards fight again la! ish macam xde benda main lagi...
And i was there to capture every moment of it and came up with a comic strip of my own. XD

I walked through the whole trip with my Cotton On flats
My Cotton On flats didn't fail me!

After that we went to PD ostrich farm..
Freakin Rm6 man just to see these.

Ostrich of course~

Some cute lil' bird animal greeted us and followed us halfway.

Depressed rabbit.

After the animal farm trip, we went to Yacht Club to collect some seashells.
Aawwwwwwww~ Chantek kan? XD

After a few running around and walks on the shore, we went to PD town to have lunch..
Went back to the ol' shop that we usually used to eat our lunch there every Saturday in between tuition lunch breaks. Brings back memories... ^^ Aunty still remembers me..heee too bad our best friend wasn't not on holiday.

I was missing my Dear throughout the whole day lol..cause my phone was outta battery so I didn't know if he texted me. Then after that I went to YF. I didn't eat my dinner that night as i had to get to church early cause I had to sing backup for Daryl. We wanted to go out for mamak but Pastor insist that we go over to church member's house to have a feast.. Trust me if definitely as a feast man! Everything that I haven't eaten for a long time I got it in PD!

On Sunday I went for the Sunday service and I stayed for Sunday School. It brings back memories of when I used to run around in my cute lil dress or skirt.

Cute kids..
Daayyymmnnnnn, I feel old!

Here I am blogging about my holidays in PD. It wasn't much but you know what..
I enjoyed every single moment of it! ^^
Its all about the people, places, beach, & home!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prayer is the Best Medicine

Hello ye peeps! =D i got something to share this time round. Something spiritual that i experienced lately. =)

Previously blogged that my friends and I started devotion aka prayer group like a week ago. It went on for one week and by the grace of God we're hoping that it'll continue. We just started a committee yesterday and lol..its just a random suggestion actually..hahaa..but anyways. Remembered i shared on a post the other day entitled Devotion round 2!!? Yeah, What i'm about to write here is something related to that and also to the message on Sunday.

Last Sunday, Elder Kien Yiak shared a message that really spoke to me like literary. It pierced through my heart and it somehow connected to the other day when Sarah & Jin prayed for me during devotion time. He talked about life itself that we have so many obstacles, pain and suffering that we have gone through. Some of us have difficulties letting go of  it and having a hard time to make a breakthrough out of it. When i heard him talking about this, straight it went to he two important guys in my life that i had lost.

When we compile all these sadness, pain, bitterness & anger, we are living in a state that we are confining ourselves away form God. We are letting the evil ones overtake us. All these negative feelings are like dry bones he said and we're keeping them like how we're keeping magazines cause we say one day we will read again. (yeah,one day right) *winks*.

No matter whether Christians or non-Christians, God still loves each and everyone of us. Doesn't mean that you are not a Christian, you can't experience God & his love. It is up to you whether you want to open your heart and accept him. Whatever flaw we see in ourselves or what ever negative thoughts people say about us, God sees it as something special, something extraordinary, something worth to be kept and appreciated.

After listening to that, I know what I should do. It is time for me to let go. I know it should have been done a looonnnggg time ago but I know its the time already. Got it all reason out already. I don't want this to be an issue that will hold me back from God, I know I don't deserve to be sad. I wanna be that girl that always smiles and laughs at simple things for even no reasons at all. I know I deserve every right to be the happy person that I wanna be. I also don't wanna imply that kind of aura that affects the people around me.

I AM special and I want the people a round me to know that they are special too in their own ways. It is because we all deserve to be our extraordinary self because...
That's what separates us from everyone.

Just yesterday, I tried thinking back about the pain and about the tears. I would always cry when i think of what happened two years ago. And guess what.. This time round,I did not cried at all. My head was like blank and I feel so much better and released now after the prayers by Jin and Sarah and also after the message Ps Kien Yiak. I don't feel any sadness in me and all i feel is just.. Happy Happy Happy! ^^

I've been praying now and I feel so much better. I feel much in peace now. I even sleep better. Prayer IS the best medicine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Devotion Round 2!

It was a busy day yesterday. Didn't had a chance to stop and relax..Well, got laa but i wouldn't say it's relaxing actually. Went for class in the morning, came out halfway to perform went back to class then watched movie with CY, Jin & Dear. Watched Kaiji a japanese movie about cards and life. The movie is quite ironic i would say. I could write a critical review about it. It talked about how hard life is and there is no shortcut in life thus it requires everyone to work hard in our life.

Anyways, then came back straight went to college to monitor the singing division and went to SS2 pasar malam straight. So freaking tired man!! >.< I felt so sinful yesterday...I think i ate too much weih...arrrgggghhhh~ But Dear say once in a while is okay and cause i dance every Wednesday & Thursday so xpelaa...but still...... @.@

After we were back, had devotion with Sarah & Jin for the second time. Yesterday the mechanism was that we pray for the person on the right hand side of us. We prayed for each other and also for CY. She felt touched and she cried! as usual laa..heee...Then Sarah prayed for me twice once was because she felt like praying & the other was because she felt God speaking to her.

God told her to tell me that God wants to grant me the Gift of the Holy Spirit. In addition, he would like me to know also that He provides me his love much more greater than of my earthly father and he gives me the love that i do not experience with my earthly Father. The moment Sarah told me that my tears started flowing laaa.. >.< The worse part was Jin was laughing!! ish!!! Then CY follow along crying..Lol...Well,I was really touched and felt better after that.

I would like to share something here about how i drifted away fom God. I personally think the reason would be because of the death of my brother. People say that death of someone close makes people question God. So i guess that was what happened. I questioned whether God even heard our prayers & how could this happen. I had so many unanswered questions and i was so angry and devastated at that time. So i felt like there's no use in believing in miracles anymore. I still attended church but i was kinda ignoring his word. I didn't want to listen and i was ignorant. I pray and all but honestly, it didn't felt sincere.

Like after i came to college and stuff, i felt like i wanna reconnect with God but i feel like there's something stopping me from doing so, like there's a barrier there because every time when i go church somehow, it reminds me of my brother. Sometimes i still feel insincere when i'm praying. Now i'm attending church with Sarah & going for Homes too & my dad accepted Christ just before he passed away & just recently my mom's been baptist too! It was my longtime wish last time that my family especially my parents would believe in Christ & accept Christ as their personal Saviour. I'm so glad that they did.

I still do think of my brother at times (like duh, of course!), thinking how life would be different if he was still here? Thinking if he would still be that annoying, crazy guy who always annoys the hell outta me? Thinking that how would it be like still have that support i once had? hhhmmm...

So i do hope to reconnect with God again. The devotions do make me feel much better & makes me closer and WANTING to be closer to God. But i can't do this alone so Sarah me aite =)

Plus side, i slept really well yesterday night. =D

Prayer is medicine to the soul. ^^

Prayer makes my soul feel in peace. =)

Thank You God for bringing Sarah to me. <3


Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Sabbath Day...

Today my Dear decided to go church with Me & Sarah..It  was really sweet of him to do so..heee muackz! ^^
Today's message was really interesting and lively..
It talked about the Sabbath day which is on the 7th day (Sunday) and how it should be left untouched for us Christians to be revived and rejuvenated in Christ. It emphasizes on how important going to church is every Sundays.Ps. Sandra did a real great job today! haha... laughed throughout the whole sermon.. XD

Camwhore freaks! XD

On the way back~ i found something that belongs to not me.. XD

Sarah says I look like Joanne here =.=

Sarah~ looks so cute! *seriously* ;)

Heeeee~ as usual..fooling around... ^.^

Oopsss~ do not kacau the driver when driving~ =p

Went to pick up CY and have lunch together2 and me and Dear went to watch Movie...weeeee~
but...GSC and TGV too many people >.< so we didn't watch movie and instead go jalan jalan...
& went to buy grocery to cook for tonight AGAIN! heee weeee~ XD
Tonight's menu is going all Western! ^^

I was preparing the Salad heeee~
And salad aku chantek! =p

That's the Potatoes with AN egg..and the shredded chicken.. XD
Mashed potato sauce...
Attempt 1: Failed!
Attempt 2: Failed too! >.<

Oh well though it failed..we still had other delicious stuff ^^ weeeee~ =D

Tadaaaaaa~ my tummy is yummy-fied ^.^

Oh Happy Day~ You washed my sins away! Had devotion just now with Jin, Sarah & CY. Hmmm..i was actually quiet throughout the whole thingy..Actually cause i was thinking something..something to do with life cause Sarah brought that up..Well..I didn't really wanna talk cause i takut emotionally xstable.. >.< guess you know what i'm tlaking about here kan? =)
Anyways, Brandon & Matthew came around and we talked a lil more about PARTS and all..So they gave us advice and pointers on how to improve ourselves and make a difference to the people around us. hmmm...There's alot to ponder on from now on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Wanna...

I Wanna...
See people of familiar faces..
Use sticks and write names and silly stuff on the white sands..
Take long walks barefooted on the warm sandy shores...

Swim in the peaceful sea water...
And find peace to my soul..
Go back to that place that is not a stranger to me..
Go to a place where having fun and being me is not a problem...
As much as I am a Petaling Jaya girl now,
I'm still that crazy lil' girl from the shores... =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A date with Steve Carell & Tina Fey

Went out for a date today.. *wink wink* Went shopping for clothes haaaa~ xD then randomly we said we wanna watch movie so the only possible movie left to watch was Date Night by Steve Carell and Tina Fey. I'd say that they really pull of this movie. Both jokers and you get a whole bunch of laughs.
Its a romantic comedy movie, there were some serious parts and car crashing and *boom boom* parts but well...Me and CY laughed throughout the movie. ^^

It talks about a boring couple who simply wants a night different from the previous date nights they had but they got much more adventure than they can expect.

One of my favourite scene XD
Mark Wahlberg as the topless dude~
"Would you please put a fcuking shirt on?!" XD

I learnt a new 'tough' gangsta line..
"Shut your Vagina up!" means shaddap! XD ROFL! 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rewind back to the Oldies

During the weekends went over to my sis's place to do help her out a bit, she gave me a task which was to listen to Oldies..yes people..OLDIES as in the Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, The Drifters kinda time punye lagu..To be burned into a disc cause she needs it for her wedding. Haaaa~ The harest task was listening to Chinese songs and guessing whether their Lovey dovey songs or just plained sad emo love songs.. XD
So..I actually like these English Oldies.. XD And it even gave me inspiration to Write!

Have you experience the feeling of when the Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and start to blame that person that "You Made Me Cry" because I Believe that Only You, yes you! That makes me Crying In The Chapel cause You've Got The Magic Touch that whenever I listen to the Unchained Melody, it tells me that I should be Heading Home to you.
I would even stay till the Twilight Time and dance to the Spanish Harlem under the Harbour Lights when I think of you and hoping you were there to Dance With Me too.
I would even sometimes wish that it was Another Saturday Night where we would be kissing Up On The Roof or maybe Kissin' In The Back Row during Saturday Nights At The Movies.
Then it struck me that Cupid hit me hard right on the spot thus that's why I would silently say My Prayer in my heart that you'd Please Stay longer and Save That Last Dance For Me.
All I ask is just Stand By Me so that I can tell always tell you that "I Love You a 1000 Times" or even more. =)

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