Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When I was fifteen

I never took it seriously then. Immature minds and the playful nature of teenagers.
"it was a small thing, nothing to worry about" i thought. Only when it came closer and closer and closer...i started to panic. I asked myself"what the hell have i been doing for the past few months?"
then only i started to panic but still never really cared. sometimes i wonder why? why do i think in that manner? Too naive, too playful, too 'it doesn't really matter & i'm sure i can do it' attitude. I gave up half way. Thinking that there's no way i can do this, but still i know i have to do it. I did it but half heartedly. The Day came and i managed to do it. Not a 100% just 50-50. 3 months have passed. just after my birthday. 3a, 4b, 1d for PMR results. If you're wondering, d is for chinese XD hehe..din really cared much lol.
Well..thats just my experience when sitting for PMR in 2006. Wasn't really satisfied but still have to accept it la. So if you guys wanna score in PMR make sure you do your best kay!! It's your second big exam right, first was UPSR ma. Some of you may feel scared cause compared to primary school, it was much easier then right.. ;) Now in high school the competition is much bigger. Don't worry la, PMR is easy..haha..that's what i say to all my friends who has PMR fever now. But it IS true. once you're through PMR and as you proceed to upper secondary or tertiary education, i bet you'll definitely look back and think that PMR is so freaking easy and you'll tell your next generation that PMR is a piece of cake. Well, that's what i thought and sometimes i wonder what have i been doing during lower secondary. PMR is like so friggin easy and i can't even score. Sometimes i will regret it too you know.I will ask myself why didn't i put effort and take it seriously.

So for all you lower secondary students and going to sit for the PMR exams in couple years time, don't do what i did lol and for those who are taking PMR now, i wish all of you the best of luck in PMR! Apply whatever you have learnt and you'll be alright. Take good care of yourself and pray to God for guidance and wisdom.
Good Luck! =)

Lovies from Junie ^^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Be careful of what you Put in your Drinks

*EEWWWWWW* gross much!!!
i got this e-mail from my sister which she recieved from on~

I ordered a Club Sandwich and a Sprite in a restaurant somewhere in Malaysia
. When I finished half of the sandwich I sipped a sprite. But it didnt taste
like an ordinary sprite I used to drink. So I sipped once more, but it
still tasted the same. It tasted like a sprite mixed with some kind of oil.
I called the clerk and asked him if the sprite was expired.. He said it was
just delivered today. So I asked him to taste it. Then he also found that
something was wrong with it.

Both of us were wondering for a while. Then I got to look inside the straw.
There were a lot of tiny black round things that looked like eggs. So I cut
the middle of the straw lengthwise to have a better look.. Yuck. There were
a lot of tiny black round things in it. I suppose they were eggs of
cockroach. About 1000 eggs were there.

Then I began to check all the other straws in the straws case one by one.
Almost all of them contained black eggs that seemed to be either
the cockroach eggs or excretions.

After the incident I began to check all the straws in the restaurants and
fast food chains that I had gone to. Almost of all the straws contained the
same black eggs. Especially the darker the colors of straws, the more black
eggs were found. In black straws, extreme amount of black eggs
were found. It was found out that it's because the cockroaches live (hatch
eggs and excrete) in the dark places.

* 80% or more restaurants in the malls use red or black colored straws.


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