Monday, August 31, 2009

We are One Malaysia!

HAPPY MERDEKA people!!!! ^^
It is s the day that we are celebrating the 52nd year of independence of Malaysia!
somehow, plkn telah berjaya memupuk the semangat patriotisme in me lol...hehehe..really!
i'm glad to be living in this country with no war and is rich with diverse culture..another thing that i am really fortunate to have is friends from different race and religion..
Who says that the difference in skin colour is a barrier..
We can Prove you wrong people!! =p

Me & Shafiq Yusof! The Bajet King.. =p

Me & Tasha Babe.. ;)
*i look so funny in this pic.. XD

Jay man(Syafiq) & Blushie (Me)/sugar & Spice.. XD

The Macha's...Vicky & June..

Kaven's Machi & June's

Can't really see all of us lol...forgive me for having short hands... ;)

haha...yes we are aren't we? we Camwhorers!! =p

Love this man!!! damn cute!!!!! ^^

Nthg better to do so we do what we do best.......

CAMWHORE!!!!! =p

The Ultimate Pic of the day!! this is what u call One Malaysia!! ^^

Lovey them all! ^^

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Semester starts this very day..

Starting my new semester today..somehow..i feel excited lol?? Weird..i know..haha..(but not for long..heee~) My second sem that is..i know...damn fast in June then august new sem already...well cause it was a short sem so about 1 1/2 months only and two subjects (how nice!!). New sem is till December i think..taking four subjects for this sem.. comes the assignments and all the stuff... earliest class is at 8a.m..i mean till friday some more i have classes..woke up at 6.45am today..but snoozed my alarm till 7a.m..hehe..waking up early at that time was like going to school..*sigh* miss high school so much.. =') I should be in class at this time but it was canceled because its previous lecturer posted on FB that all tutorials are canceled this week but just for confirmation...i dunwana be marked as absent..on first day some more lol..not a good impression ya noe.. ;) i miss KDU chicken chop!!! but i dunt think i have the time to makan later also..cause having classes at 11a.m till 5p.m non stop... >< then at night gotta 'Jai Ho' some more...hehe..take care ya'll have a nice day! chow ^^

Student of KDU ^^

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Green Eyed Monster

"Look at intimate...look at the way that guy is staring at her..why don't i get treated like that? Why her and not me? Well...can't argue with that..she IS a bombshell...look at her mysterious wonder he can't keep his eyes of i wish i was her... *sigh*"
Sounds familiar to some of you? ;)

All of us has a green eyed monster in us. it is called "Jealousy". Jealousy exist in all relationships-families, friends, couples, co-workers, even with a stranger. Even i get jealous at times. Duh...We are all human and its normal for one to feel in that way however jealousy is not a healthy emotion as it brings out the "Dr Jekyll" in us if the jealousy is a strong one.

Usually girls are the ones who get jealous easily compared to guys. girls like to compare between each other mainly because of beauty, their assets, the boyfriend, the character of another and the things they have and then they'll start gossiping and bitch talk about each other..hahaha...I've heard before that if someone who doesn't even know you personally and already hates you like hell and always talks shit about means you have already succeeded. succeeded in what you ask? succeeded for others to hate you cause you are so damn Hawt...summarize it all- Jealous..well i think that it might be true...sometimes.. ;)

Its true..believe me...hehe..

"Jealousy is a rather toxic emotion and can lead to hurt, bitterness and understandings. The success is purely your perception and if your resentful or envious, then it's actually your problem. It is really your friends fault that your not happy? If they're in a relationship and you're not, or have had a fabulous holiday and you're tired of working, do something about it! No one can change your life except for YOU." (Niklovski)

Stop comparing others with ourselves!! We are worth much more than we think we are. Acknowledge the good qualities we have. Be happy for who we are & what we have. Appreciate the things we have - a roof to give us shelter; clothes to keep us warm; food to fill our stomach; body parts to move around; a country with no war; and people around us to love & be loved in return. It is hard to be not jealous but when you feel the jealousy building up in you, stop and think for a moment, Would being jealous even solve any of your problems?

*wink* ;)

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